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From inception, IntrovertlyBubbly has always been about real life, real emotions, and real moods. In the midst of what seemed to be an unsettled life, I spent time being my camera being aware, attentive, appreciative, and accepting of the present. Yeah it’s that deep, I'm  about actually stopping to smell the roses, touch and internalize the textures and surfaces, listen to the natural sounds, taste the flavours, and feel the richness of life. Practicing silence. Self introspection and stepping up and living a lifestyle outside my comfort zones and respecting the need to return when necessary.

I'm about essentialism, simple indulgence, and owning and designing my own life.

About slowing down focusing on what I cannot live without rather than what I don’t want to live with, I am about slow living.

I am about the exploration of Local: local foods, artisans, artists, music and life as a local in Trinidad and Tobago through the eyes of a local and by extension doing so were ever I travel to.

Over time this space has grown because of the lessons taught to me over the years by experience, by my Mother and will continue to grow as a result of same. 

Hello, I am Chan (short for Chanua).


a Trinidad and Tobago island girl with a love affair for living a truly essential and wholesome life that includes a passion for gardening, growing safe farmed edibles, being intimate with our local maker community, local creative entrepreneurs, food & lifestyle, arts, culture and photography. I am the founder of and main contributor to  I am an Engineer, Electrical and Computer Engineer specialized in control systems and instrumentation by profession, and a photo-making creative and collaborator.

I photograph in only natural and available light.

I make images, I capture moments and tell stories as I see and feel it, everyday. It is my art of observation.I studied electrical and computer engineering and specialized in control systems and automation. I have since grown passionately into lifestyle styling, being a self-taught photographer and a creative spirit. 

I feel as though I am a story teller.

On the IntrovertlyBubbly journal I intend to share my journey with photography and using visual storytelling to share my practiced art of slow living, gardening and journey to sustainability starting with being able to feed myself and family from the land at home. These photo stories and stories will be created in the garden, while travel, exploring and wandering, by the window, meeting and developing relationships with local artisans and inspirational on striking a balance and living rich-local lives.

I will use visual storytelling through photo-essays to inspire, educate and motivate. My photography is motivated by light and shadows and the feelings and mood of each moment. I capture the ephemeral nature of life and moments as they come and go.

I am visual and tactile, and I’m passionate about conveying the rich texture and deep essence of everything I photograph.

The creative content is eclectic and widely varied. This means that IntrovertlyBubbly has something that anyone can explore and connect with.  There are lots of these in this space.



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