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I'm excited to be offering these bespoke mentourship sessions and if curated properly they can Include remote (for example skype, FACE-TIME, whats-app video call) sessions monthly.

With these sessions I shall help you build the story-telling facet of your brand and discuss specific strategies on how to grow your visual storytelling creative muscles.


My aim with these sessions is in part to show by example how I breathe life into my passion and move to capture thought provoking, soulful images that not only communicate to each viewer a sense of the moment, a sense of mood, but more so a sense of longing, or of purpose and a decisiveness that one MUST experience. I do this with a hope to either communicateexactly the same experience I had, or to convey a similar experience and to allow the viewers of my work to make FOR THEMSELVES an experience that is enabled by doing or being as captured/ communicated visually in my photographs.

Through my images I hope not only to entertain but to inspire, to encourage a tangible action whether it be a way of changed thinking, or beinging more aware of the simple things.

My photography practice is intentional, mindful and therapeutic. I want to show you that.

I aim to provide an awe inspiring experience, communicated visually. I hope that viewers of my work stop and pause and be present in the moment because I’ve managed to recreate what I felt for them in the very same moments that encouraged me to stop, be present and marvel at how pretty the little things are. I want to share in that experience.

This is extremely critical today when mental health, the stability of our economy and just day to day stressors affect us consciously and subconsciously.

At the end I hope to empower you to not only be more comfortable with using which ever camera you’d want to, whether it be your phones’ camera, your DSLR or your point and shoot, but to feel comfortable with and also know which one to pick up for the particular moment you are trying to capture or for which photo, existing only as an image in your imagination, you are intent on making.


Our day would be arranged so that we can enjoy both structured and unstructured moments. I’d first set up two sets, two real life moments that I am passionate about and walk you through how I’d capture it to the moment I feel there is something worth communicating to the moment I completely making the image/ work ready for distribution. Wether if be for a commissioned project, sharing i.e. putting my work out there or for my online creative website.

Each set would be unique. One would have a clear cut objective I am trying to meet, "The Staged Intentional Session" and the other would be one where things just flow and a story is created, "The Everyday Lifestyle Session". This is to give you an idea of the two main and, very real scenarios that drive my work.

I’d walk you through my shoot, my decision making and the processing of the image/ work made. I’d walk you through my process in preparing images/ work for social media, online for the website The Introvertlybubbly Creative and other media destinations. I'd also explain that not all images created are intended for any particular destination.

I hope to inspire you, by my actions. I believe anything is possible but sometimes we need to see it. I also believe that everyone has their very own unique style. My sessions focus on visual learning and tactile learning. Visual learners absorb information that they can read or see, so you would observe while I make photos. Kinesthetic or tactile learners learn by touching and doing, so you would actually make your own as part of one or more of the sessions.

We’d slow down. I am not talking speed of action here, sometime hustling and bustling are unavoidable. I mean slow down. Be intentional. Hone in on what matters to you. What calms you. What you’d like to be doing more of and less of and we’d address and practice this. We do this with the intention of allowing you to notice, to spot moments worth savouring and capturing. To notice the little things that make your eyes light up, your mind clear and you lips part into a smile because you realize there is happiness to be had despite.

We’d work on your composition and viewpoint

We'd story tell with one, three and five images. Can you tell a story with one image? What about three or five still images? What to learn? I’d show you how I do this. We’d grab our pens and paper and sketch, make shot lists, prop lists and story tell a specific moment we decide on.


Anyone with an interest in improving their photography or starting a practive of their own. This is perfect for an artisan, a craftsman or woman doing wood work, cosmetologist making hair or skin products, coffee roaster roasting specialty coffee, chocolatier making chocolate, a jeweler making bespoke fine unique pieces.If you’re aim is to capture compelling visual imagery of the items you make. Are you a cook, with a passion for recipe development and making in the kitchen, experimenting etc with flavours. Are you into gardening and want to be a better plant mama and capture your plants as they grow. Are you a parent and want to improve on your everyday photography of your children and family. Your in interest in capturing your children and family moments to serve as memory capsules that can be enjoyed by your children and children’s children etc. can be turned into something tangible. May be it is just you and your partner and you want to take your selfie game to the next level. Documenting memories is priceless and allows one to hold onto all those fleeting moments.

The next step is the fun part which is why I ask you to walk with something that means a lot to you, your art work, or anything you’d like to use as your subjects. If your aim to to take better family portraits you can walk with a member of your family and together we'd work on that.

If you are a Potter, naturally I’d suggest some of your potting work. Possibly a complete dining table setting for one. Perhaps a plate, saucer, bowl and coffee/tea cup and tumbler. Do not worry they all do not need to match. Possibly a vase or an assortment of vases of different but complementary vases we’d shoot those with foraged flowers, cut ones from the garden and possibly use that as another scene for your one on one session.

If you are into savouring moments with coffee/ tea I’d suggest you also walk with your favourite coffee/ tea cup for another shot idea.

If you are a baker or cook, walk with something you've made. We'd work towards you learning how best to capture your creations.

Process shots are magic. So I’d also suggest you grabbing some critical materials, tools and whatever raw materials are necessary to make your pieces.

These are, if not, my favourite shots to make, they may come in a close second. If you cannot actually make it in the Freeport Studio we’d get as close as possibly to telling that story of you making.

If your studio, kitchen or home is available we can always tailor one of the sessions for a visit. I love showing others the possibilities they often overlook in their own space.

+ Session 1:

The Information Session

During this session we'd talk photography. I shall share with you my daily ritual with my camera. It's a daily photography practice and I will include pointers on how I inculcate and practice the art of observation. You will walk with your camera of choice (and your manual if you are not familiar with the settings or how to use your device).

I will leave you with many packets of information to open your awareness to photography as a practice. You would set out to create your very own photography ritual.

This step is critical as it opens your mind, focuses your awareness on photograph as a practice, an art of observation and is the fist tool you'd need to master. This is the first skill you'd work on as we prepare for our upcoming sessions.

+ Session 2:

The Staged Intentional Session

During this session

I would set an intention, the desired goal for our session.

I would walk through staging the scene to meeting the desired goal. You would observe my process and be able to capture your very own shot of the final scene.

+ Session 3:

The Everyday Lifestyle Session

During this session

We'd focus on something I do everyday. A simple lifestyle moment. Nothing grand or extravagant. For example A garden moment, A moment in the kitchen cooking/ preparing a meal, or on a weekend where I actually have slow mornings over a drink of coffee.

Here you'd see the importance of the space you keep. How the items you buy and surround yourself with impact your life everyday. You'd be able to marvel at how beautiful life is, how effortless you can incorporate self-love and ritual to everyday common tasks because here the focus is on having coffee in the favourite coffee cup (a recycled yogurt cup from my travels to Europe) using one or the other of my favourite brewing methods.

The focus when in the kitchen making meals will be on the act of making a nutritious meal, with wholesome ingredients, light and healthy, or baking something rich and decadent for you and your loved ones.

The focus when in the garden is on letting go. Realizing that you've got little to no control there and can only hope. You'd notice a new leaf, a new bud formation, a germinating seed. You'd marvel at the changes since the last time you observed the plant. These little things would stand out. You'd see the wonder.

We'd focus on moments like these and I would walk you though capturing one.

+ Session 4:

The Practical Session

Your Tools Manipulating your device to create your very own unique photo art that tells a story.

Here you are required to use your camera, whether it be one or more of the following your phone camera, a point and shoot, DSLR, etc.

This session does not include a lesson on how to use your camera, you should have a general idea of how to turn it on, access menu items, change features, enter manual mode (if you want to explore this during our session) and how to manipulate (i.e. raise and lower) ISO, Aperature and your shutter speed.

+ Session 5: The Cinemagraph

Every heard of the cinemagraph. Want to make your own. This would get you started. This is an observatory session and you'd have opportunity to practice also.

+ Session 6: Capturing Steam

The visual of steam coming from a cup, a pot and with a moment captured evokes something within us all that draws us all in becuase it is so common, everyday and relatable.

+ Remote Session Options

Your very own mentour available for an entire month via Whats App. The intent of this option is that you'd have access to me to run your photographs by. Together we'd dissect what you are trying to capture and I would guide you remotely, meeting you remotely where you are, towards perfecting your image where you are with what you have. Over time the intent is that you'd improve your image capture, develop your own photography practice and become more confident and find your visual storytelling voice.

I am very passionate about assigning certain projects targeted your needs, and helping with this to help improve your photography, develop your very own photography PRACTICE and develop a more confident visual voice. So that is what we'd do together.