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 Hello, I am Chan (short for Chanua).

I am an Engineer, Electrical and Computer Engineer specialized in Control Systems and Instrumentation by profession, and a photo-making creative, visual storyteller and collaborator with a love for home-grown produce, family and the simple life. I think there is much to learn observing plants, growth and light. I find much perspective there. I do it often and it forms the basis of my photography practice. I enjoy photography, gardening, dining out (gatherings, sharing time with food around tables), travel, experiences, & all things homestead-related.

  • In my photography practice, I explore not only how to capture a moment as I feel it but also how to capture a moment how I wish it’d be, of course that's if there does exist any disjoint with what I actually feel and reality.

  • Most of my work here is personal: me learning, practicing, trying, collaborating, partnering while following my curiosities. I use my space and life as a guinea pig to test and play with my interests and create in spaces, places and avenuse where I am not otherwise granted that permission to, I give it to myself.

Introvertlybubbly is an ode to honoring what’s true and real, to privacy, to savouring simple pleasures.

IntrovertlyBubbly Creative is a Photography Practice and online journal. 

IntrovertlyBubbly Creative is a lifestyle, passion project devoted to discovering and following curiosities. My aim is to make touching, soulful, simple photography that captures life's beautiful moments and the fragility of shared experiences. My ultimate goal is to have my photography help others sole a problem directly or indirectly by being used in ways that help others solve a problem.

I love receiving emails from all my readers and would love to hear from you. I can be reached via email and on Instagram.

All photographs on this site are taken by me so if you’d like to use any photos & stories, please ask.

For collabs, commissions and press inquiries: introvertlybubblycreative at gmail.com

Co-host of a Local Supper Club: Linger | Instagram: @andwelingered

Instagram: @introvertlybubbly

Website: http://www.introvertlybubbly.com



Trinidad and Tobago

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