2017 | a Calendar | Las Cuevas Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

2017 | a Calendar | Las Cuevas Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

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As a thank you, this year I have made an album of photos and calendar that I have made for my personal gift giving available to you, those who have supported me over the years and have believed in my vision, those who are inspired by the images I create along the way and to those that appreciate simple living, slow, intentional living. 

This is downloadable product. A 2017 calendar, from January to December. Each month on it's own page and with it own beautiful image. It is sized for 8.5x14'' prints and can even be printed larger 11x17'' and serves as beautiful wall art or desktop art.

I suggest after making your prints clipping to a clip board and mounting on your wall near your work spaces or even at home on the fridge or any one of your favourite wall.

You get: 

  1. downloadable file with 12 monthly sheets

  2. 12 beautiful images made by Chan

  3. Print size 8.5''x14''

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