You critique is appreciated, Can you critique my photography work

What app do you use to edit your photos?

Channy, where and how do you store all your photos?

How do you manage you aesthetic with your photos, they're always so aesthetically pleasing.

After backing up photos

I upload them all, Raw files, into my Lightroom

I go through an initial cull, where I flag all the photos I am interested in using

I change locations or sleep on it, take a walk and come back

I then do a second pass cull, where I rate using 5 start the collection of photos I will use for the next step

I then edit these photos 

I then do  final cull, selecting the final photo collection

I download high resolution watermark free and prepare them for delivery and use 

Model 2 hours x 2

Picnic company rental

Picnic Eats

Picnic Drinks

Editing Misc Costs : Coffee NOVA Caffe Mocha 5oz, $26TTD



Human element