Local Artisan Greens | Keeping the dream alive

This photo was taken in the yard last Saturday. These were set in the system at the end of May of this year, as seedlings and are growing into beautiful food at the moment

This photo was taken in the yard last Saturday. These were set in the system at the end of May of this year, as seedlings and are growing into beautiful food at the moment

I believe that we should never stop dreaming and doing, we'll attract and meet other dreamers and doers and inspire the dormant unaware dreamers and doers in others simply by keeping our dreams alive.

I have Ru, my brother and support of family and friends and an unyielding desire and vision for this thing in the making to thank for helping me get here. I am thankful also to those that saw value in what I was doing and growing before I ever did. Those that provided me with a training ground getting my awkward inexperienced marketing and sales hands dirty.  

I have fresh in my mind visions of a bright, light and airy mud room with a door way with yard boots lined off all in a row, garden gloves hung just above and a warm, an inspirational place where we all share passions, planting and aim to simply live.

After a year off to pursue a business venture partnership with Alckemi, setting back up to plant the Aquaponics system, as planned, last November meant harvesting the year old fish and restocking production tanks with fresh fingerlings. Now just past six months since our newest stock of tilapia in the system at the end last year, followed by two months of balancing the Aquaponic system we have planted the first floating bed. A half year of no travel, journal sketches and planing I am happy to see that we are on our way to redesigning how we operate Local Artisan Greens.

Before our year hiatus, in 2015, we spend the end of 2014 for the first time in the public and local artisan market. This experience at the market, our first year of sales and using the better half of 2016 planning and preparing for crops has changed the way in which we intend to proceed.  

While our first order of business is to set an order of wheatgrass and a pack of spinach for Ru. Tend to, grow and harvest them for her. Package and then deliver to her smiling face, we would be continuing planting out the floating beds and caring for the fish in preparation for what is to come.

This entire experiment and prototype developed is extremely valuable in determining how and where we go next. And we are happy you are here with us, today.

Today the back door to the yard is lined with two black boots. One mine, that has been there for years and the other a new one and almost the same size as mine. I sometimes slip my feet in it by mistake. We have socks tucked away in them that we swap out to wash for the next using. And the yard gloves, they are above the medicine cabinet in a little container with other knick- knacks, easy to grab and go when we need. Just over two months ago, in a place where I do gardening things in my garden space where no one else really sees, Aaron joined me in setting seeds by the back door. While we worked I was doing most of the taking in between his questions on the hows, whos, whats and whens. In between I offered more on the why's and we spent what has now been enough time talking about my journey to get him all caught up to this point. He will be playing an instrumental role in this growing Aquaponics Operation moving forward.

Picture this you see a photo of a beautiful, homestead owned by a revolutionary family showing the true meaning of self-reliance, producing 6000 pounds of food per year on your 1/10th an acre. For me after the initial thoughts of oh how pretty and how cool. I immediately wonder, how? Picture this, one of your favourite instagram people who lives in the beautiful dreamy English countryside snaps photos of their beautiful kitchen garden overflowing with greens, oozing with garden porn and fine food beds of the most beautiful wood, green paths and beautiful flowers everywhere. I think wow so pretty, once again the but how? follows right after. The same question arises every time and it is because I wanted the answers to not only these questions, about my experience, but many others, I plant, I wait, grow and things become. 

There in unequivocal love that I share with planting, slowing down and simply living, I have come to realise it is something that I won't be giving up anytime soon and the beautiful family that is building around it is something that I have always prayed for.

With love from Freeport