Local Artisan Greens | Clarity, And then it all fell into place

When we entered start up weekend in November 2014 I had no idea my 2015 year would be what it was. From that weekend and since we have met amazing people in the local start-up, creative and entrepreneurial circuit and I accepted a supporting role in with brother in a start-up venture that was dear to my heart. Doing that meant that alot had to be learnt and also meant that my time was not my own, but 2015 was full of new things.

Half way during my 2015 hiatus I realized that not being with the land, planting and growing was something that felt like a hole in my heart. I was unwilling to give it up not even partially and so it was decided that after a year with Alkemi partners, artisans and at the market, the meetings, the development, and the teething I would return to the Aquaponic operation. I would maintain my role as photographer with team regardless. Planting, growing food and flowers in the yard is more about an art of observations, learning, healing,  waiting,  growing and becoming I realized that I had awoken a passion in me to create that, I think, would never die. A passion to create, to make home, to slow down and live. 

When I realized that travel while beautiful was quite upsetting to routine, to daily life and to building dreams of homes and gardens, I had to travel locally, live locally and live as if everything was as fresh and new as they are during my travels abroad. I began seeing every place I visited, every routine spot, every mundane corner with new eyes, everything that was previously overlooked, previously ordinary, for the first time was now something out of the ordinary.

When Janet of the Upmarket gave me my first platform to interface with the public to sell my modest harvest of organic greens, a venture I started in 2009, I had no idea that I would return to do it twice, three times or over four. I had no idea that I would love sharing and teaching about what I was doing more than caring to sell what I was producing. When I realized this clarity came.

When I realized I had a core group of repeat customers who willingly came and placed recurring orders and saw value in what I was doing and growing long before I finally did, my confidence grew.

In my first issue of the Aquaponic Journal I explore how and where do we go from here. Here being where we are today July 5th 2016, after starting Aquaponics in 2009, selling commercially for the first time in 2014 and a 2015 thought provoking hiatus. We do we go from here?

With love from Freeport.