Garden Enthusiast | Five Winning Elements for any Secret Garden

Spoiler alert: Inspired by A Secret Garden in the Santa Cruz Valley, Trinidad and Tobago

There is a common thread in all the great gardens that I have visited. From the small backyard gardens to the large monumental ones, like Gardens of Versailles, France. I feel it boils down to the tangible and those intangible elements of a garden that complete it. It boils down to the feeling you get while there.

I figure that while there are tangible contributors, like the assortment of plants, the variation of heights, textures, and colors, the seating and accommodations, the formal and informal pathways; a large part of a Gardens' success lies with the intangible aspects. The parts that grow without your intervention, the moss, the wild flowers and the light seeping in. 

Read on here (Subscribe via the link above for access), I am no expert and I feel compelled to explore what makes a garden full of character and allows connections so deep people long to return, and so naturally, I look into and explore this. You can also continue on to find photo story below.

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