Horticulture Writing | A piece on a indoor plants

Spoiler Alert... this is based on my short experience playing plant mama to plants I have started keeping in my studio. As you maybe aware my experience with green life has been mostly, even up unit now, with edibles.

Plants die and plants live. It's a natural part of their life and regardless of how frequent they die on our watch, we cannot let that dictate the shade of green on our thumbs.

From my experience and learnings this is listing of the plants that I think do well inside providing that:

  1. Your soil is a healthy mixture for the plant,
  2. sufficient indirect light available. Sufficient in that plants do not lean towards the light source,
  3. Watering is done as per plant needs and plants are not dehydrated,
  4. Plants are pruned regularly, with soil replenished and supplemented with good organic matter or compost and 
  5. You're diligent, prudent with your decisions and have a keen eye on you plant babies.
I lay no claim either to literary ability, or to botanical knowledge, or even to knowing the best practical methods of cultivation; but I have lived among outdoor flowers for many years, and have not spared myself in the way of actual labour, and have come to be on closely intimate and friendly terms with a great many growing things, and have acquired certain instincts which, though not clearly defined, are of the nature of useful knowledge.
— Gertrude Jekyll, Wood and Garden, 1899

Want to start with your very own plants indoors, get your self one of the following to start:


Why I love: watering schedule is once weekly and care is minimum. Be careful to choose varieties that require mild heat/ shade.


Why I love: watering schedule is once weekly and care is minimum. They are extremely unique and rewarding plants to care for. Some also flower. 

Air Plant

Why I love: A new discovery for me, being mistaken as parasitic all my life but these are actually, Epiphytes, plants that grow or attach themselves on other plants for support. Their water schedule is also not demanding and weekly. You can gather these from the outdoors and create your own beautiful collection inside.


Why I love: These are easy to propagate in water. Watching the roots stretch down and grow into great networks and observing each leaf as they appear is entirely rewarding. They grow well in soil also. These are climbers and full out beautifully with trimming, clipping of the last leaf.

The Hanging Ivy

Why I love: They hang, The full out beautifully and have tiny leaves that are some of the prettiest leaves one can ask for.

Any variety of The Snake Plant/ Mother In Law's Tongue

Why I love: Easy to propagate. Grows in both water and soil and are tolerant to low light and require minimal watering.

That's all for now.  

With love from Freeport