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Spoiler alert: Do something long and correct enough and you would find you a sweet spot. Hopefully, that thing you do would be something worthwhile, something building and something that would bear fruit.

I remember the year I started off gardening, I also remember the advice I received to sell the fruits of my labour. I also recall losing crop after crop to spoilage because my focus was on mastery and not making a sale. I also remember getting to the point where I couldn't stand the crop loss anymore and I made my first step to sell something.

Now for some perspective, these steps were always small, bite-sized ones. In retrospect I think and share especially with those starting out on a new venture can image the leaps and bounds one can make with bigger, more certain strides and pointed action.

I recall being scared about the prospects of making a sale, the uncertainty with the crops, and outcoming yield and I recall as it was either my introversion or technical inclination that lead me to build an online model. It was built as something to hide behind, something I didn't have to be the face for, something functional though, something to serve as a conduit between me the farmer and her customer. I was determined to master selling but in my very own way.

See I think this is in my blood. Growing up on an orchard, in the Freeport bush naturally I'd think at least something green and living would be part of my nature. I do not fuss. I was in no rush.

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I recall with this decision I needed strong, compelling imagery. I recall already being a practicing phone food photographer. At the time I was snapping everything with my phone. Using first my blackberry and then my iphone until it served me well no more because I had outgrown it's capabilities.

By this time I just wanted to not only compose great images, by great I mean pleasing to my eye, which I was already doing with my phone but I wanted to improve on the quality.

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This was a limitation of the phone I was using. So at that time I invested in a camera. My first DSLR and that's when my journey into and learning really started.

I wanted my images to do all the talking for me. I had run countess trials on my crops, the harvesting, packaging and was ready as I can be to sell but I was crippled by the thought of selling. My thought process was that if I can produce imagery for my crops that spoke for themselves I would be onto something so that was the basis and start of my commitment to my photography practice. This started in 2013 some 4 years after starting my gardening practice.

Now 2017 I feel, not ready but, confident to share some writings about my journey. See I plant food crops, I grow them pesticide free and farmed safe some are grown in plant medium others are grown in my Aquaponics and I sell the yield. My sales are a journey in self discovery and a goal I've set to accomplish. I am happy to plant for those in need, for those who can't and serve the fruits of my labour in the garden. 

One of the crops I am not only proud of but happy to be able to bring to 100% juice is the wheatgrass blade. Wheatgrass is one of the super foods that, when we soak in the million and one things its good for, we can't help but wonder why then is anyone sick?

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Sweet WheatGrass
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The blades are packed with chlorophyll. You know chlorophyll, right? It isn't just helpful to plants. Its packed with vitamins and minerals. 

What is chlorophyll?

Fast facts

  1. Chlorophyll is pigment in green plants that helps transfer light into energy.
  2. Like green vegetables, it’s a good source of vitamins A, C, E, and K.
  3. Research on whether chlorophyll offers health benefits is ongoing.
  4. You can make your own liquid chlorophyll or buy supplements.

There are some things that have stood out for me. Some things that have made photography something like second nature as cliche as it sounds is that I choose a subject that is something that I love, something that excites me, something that I would jump out of bed early in the a.m. to capture. It is something I can tell and create a story around.

Let your subject find you.