Aquaponics | System Flows, Levels, Water Quality and Aeration

SpoiletAlert: Aquaponics is not for the faint at heart, the losses are huge, and the satisfaction is overwhelming

The four most critical things: Flow, Levels, Water Quality, Aeration

I have found that once water flow, the system levels, aeration and the water quality is maintained consistently, operating the system simply boils down to daily feeding coupled with preplanned daily, weekly and monthly system maintenance.

My experience has shown that:

  • Low flow results in poor water quality
  • Low water levels results in low/poor flow which leads to poor water quality
  • Low/ poor water quality results in a toxic environment for both fish and plants
  • Low aeration results in poor oxygenated water. Both fish and plants thrive if oxygenated water.

Aquaponics is a continuous dance, a balance of these parameters.

My Aquaponics Journey.
With love from Freeport,