Human Resources: The People behind the LAG Aquaponics

Spoiler alert: It takes a village

For the most part, I have all the responsibility for my Aquaponics System, both the sweat and cash equity. I have not however done it alone. I have a small, but necessary support system around me. I have asked my parents to man the fort especially when I travel out of country or need any day to day assistance. Our family Gardner Tony to do the heavy lifting, digging and mowing for me as my physical strength limited what I can get away with alone. My partner always joins me when I have to visit unknown, rural places, suppliers or anything that proves unsafe for someone to go off alone, I avoid venturing recklessly.

Emotionally I've had my mother, father brother and one of my best friends Ruhia, who I fondly call Ru. Ru has gone far and beyond and supported me at every market that I have attended to as a vendor and has shared the responsibility of manning the table. When I was too disorganized or introverted to greet first time customers she was there. One of my best pieces of advice during the early days came for her.

Currently, my eager and supportive partner, boyfriend, Aaron sees potential I often and in too deep to notice. He assures, lends a hand and invests as I do and together we plan, tend to and operate the Aquaponics system. On the days that I am demotivated he is there reminding me why I started and of my vision. He has taken responsibility to feed the fish, check water levels and throws the daily eye on the System, on days when I am otherwise occupied distracted with photography, cooking dinner or just tired from the long day this matters most.

It takes a village.

Over the years I have come to understand that these are the basic activities that require dedicated time and support. Your village should have at least one or more resources for the following activities: 

  1. System building
  2. Seedling setting
  3. Harvesting Crops
  4. Fish Feeding
  5. Harvesting Fish 
  6. Crop Maintenance
  7. System Maintenance
  8. Sales and Customer Interaction

My Aquaponics Journey.

With love from Freeport,