What is Aquaponics

SPOILER alert: I would have never started had I known what I know now, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I feel as if sufficient time, sweat and tears have gone by that I can sincerely put some words down.

An ongoing piece of work I shall be editing as time goes and inspiration comes.

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1. What is Aquaponics

As best as I can put it Aquaponics, a form of aquaculture is the culture of both plants and aquatic animals in a closed recirculating water-based system. The system comprises of a fish production component and a filtration component, of which the plant component is part and parcel of. The aquatic plants and animals exist in a symbiotic relationship where one is required for the other. The fish provide the organic nutrients for the plants to thrive and the plants via their roots absorb nutrients, which if left become toxic to the fish before the water is recirculated to the fish component.

There are a couple varieties and technologies employed in this form of aquaculture, but note that my focus would be on deep water culture. My focus is also on my experience with Aquaponics since I have first discovered it. 

1a. My system as it developed over the years

From half barrels, gravity flow, pebbles and a flood and drain system just over a 36sq ft. to a prototype deep water culture system of approximately 300sq ft Aquaponic System which we are running and caring for now. It’s important to note that my initial dream was a commercial Aquaponic System with 100ft troughs and 20ft fish tanks and approximately 1 lot of land. Now my goal is to operate an efficient, clean, and profitable Aquaponic system where I can supply those local to my community with custom requests for green leafy veggies, freshly caught safe farmed tilapia and whatever seasonal greens we have in the system at present.

My Aquaponics Journey.

To share the scale and context, I am preparing an overview of our Aquaponics system as it is in Freeport. 

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