Explore and Wander | Steamology, Solitude on a Friday Night

I work in a place where photography is forbidden. The one thing that takes my breath away, that I can do completely in the moment, be present I am forbidden to do for the majority of the day. It is painful. To see moments after moment. Picture perfection after perfection. Steam rising, water falling, flares flaring to just appreciate it as it is wo even possibility to capture to preserve and cherish. It's beautiful in itself that I can't photograph. There is a lesson in that also, I pay attention to it. The patience I learn. It forces me to observe and mentally plan and mentally create and make photos in a way that I can only hope to one day actually do. It is how I treat most of my photography, save for the candid, as a fly on the wall observing, returning, watching like prey.  Studying. And then when read shooting.

I secretly dream of being able to do this. I would be a dream come true. To climb the towers, to crawl under the pipes, get the steam. Capture the men at work. Tell a story that's never been told. For now I'll send these vibrations out into the universe that one day I would be able to, freely for the company in a unique way, capture the Refinery in the very way I see it everyday.

I dream of this day until then I enter the confined of the Refinery with my EI&CSE ( Electrical, Instrument and Computer System Engineering) Cap on, take stops along the highway and while I do my evening jog capturing nature and the lights in the distance. And try to stay out of trouble.

I am encouraged to observe the beauty in my everyday surroundings especially when my wanderlust nature to travel cannot be satisfied adn I am left grounded at home.

With Love from the highway looking West toward the Petrotrin, Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery.