Slow Living | Never stop dreaming and working and dreaming and...

Of the times in the past that I have ventured out taking a dream and/or wish, some thought, plan or other to life now I am by far the most at ease, not at all knowing but at ease, with the process. I am finding, however, that lately I am perpetually tired and exhausted, because of this I am finding new found comfort in saying no. In staying in not to relax but to find and carve space to work and to be slow. Slow takes time and care. In carving that space I have found that naturally I am having to slow down. Having to be selective and look at the bigger picture. After almost a year working as a partner on a beautiful startup company, travel, away from my gardening I am forced to slow down. I am tired. My heart hurts aching for a love and family that seems too distant to bear. I want to rest and I am deciding that I would pull all the way back and listen to my body.

I have taken to a morning ritual where every morning with intention I wake...ideally this would be early, just before the sun comes but most days the sun beats me to it, but I smile and think tomorrow I shall try again, and with intention I take each day for what it is. On the days that I am not beating the sun I wake with the light that I love in the morning, at that time I usually wake to condensation on my windows with flowers, either fresh or dried, set on the table by the window. My bed time ritual is setting said flowers on the table by the window on an evening. And I fix breakfast. But on the days that I can afford to, the days that I do not awake famished or too late for life, I bask a bit, right here, horizontally, while I mentally prepare for the day ahead. On most days I usually work with two lists, a long one and a shorter, really short, one. The long list is a list of the not so possible right now things to do, a list of things to do that I are totally and at present out of my control and a very short one of things I can do right now. Things I can do right now like wake up, get ready for the day ahead and have a hearty meal. These are the things that get me going. These are the things that I can handle. In the now.

I must admin initially when I came across the concept of slow food and slow living it seemed like a far fetched luxury, it seems now that it is becoming habit, somewhat of a ritual and art that is now a way of life. It is far from luxurious, it is intentional, deliberate and because it is intentional and deliberate it requires conscious effort and diligence. The good thing is that I am ready for it. I welcome the slow, deliberate nature of this life I am settling into. Accepting that I may not have all I wish for but I am here.

While I have a  grasp on many things, some of the simpler and at times very important tasks do slip through my fingers, like keeping a stocked and cleaned fridge, folding laundered clothes, paying bills on time, cleaning the car, keeping in touch with family and friends. This list is overwhelmingly long but I do not fear that a day would come that some semblance of the balance, that I need and seek, is achieved.

In addition to taking to morning and bed time rituals, I have also in the journey taken to taking the time I need daily to discover, to live slow, to listen to the birds, smile at and appreciate my silly personable puppy, plant, build passions, work my ass off and, as my mother has instilled, live a little while I am at it. While I do not count the deliberate slow life, essentialism and intentional living I have discovered a luxury, I do count as a luxury my learnt ability to see failure not as that thing you create or arrive at. I see only opportunities to exercise decision making skills, reevaluate, pivot and just carry on. 


This brings me onto the topic of changes and growth right here on, you may notice the new home for or you may not, you may be new to this space, but either way...Welcome. I started Introvertlybubbly for one purpose and that has not changed. While my journey, discoveries and passions and path has evolved IntrovertlyBubbly remains that constant thing that I can define and still focus on and contribute to.


This year has been an unstable one on the blog, with numerous blog crashes, picture overloads and things just not fitting in as I wished. After unexpected publicity I have shied away from blogging publicly resulting in a stifled voice which detracted from the genesis of IntrovertlyBubbly. This has left rippling, almost crippling effects. Almost at the same time I have become swamped with work after starting a company within the last year, overwhelmed with loss but never loosing vision. I dived into a series of learnings on photography, styling and blogging to assist in this journey. Now I anticipate some sort of leveling off as I hone into a clearer vision and find focus. 


Some time in June this year while travelling Europe I decided to stop beating a dead horse and I decided to throw in the towel on IntrovertlyBubbly, to pivot and carry on, and this meant building a new home for I had to have patience. It required it. So today I am so happy that I can resume in a space created to be creative, to share. I am so pleased to be able to start over. And here. With you all. So in the mean time I will be transferring blog posts, albums and journals of the past. This would be intertwined with posts, albums and journals entries I create now. 


I am having quite a bit of nostalgia after a year and a month of taking photos going through this process of transferring those over here. Standing today looking at what is and what isn't with records of moments captured in photos of what was and what can be. I am inspired. Inspired to plant, inspired to grow and inspired to continue with IntrovertlyBubbly and with creating Alckemi. Inspired and so very sure of one thing and that is that slow and focused is the only way in which I shall proceed.


This morning I had the usual oats with sweet raisins and some seeds on top. I stole some time this past weekend to make some of my favouirte milk, home made almond milk and I share time with this and Fridays flower finds by the window.  I hope you enjoy the visuals created this week by the window on my table and the new series on the blog of moments but the window.

How do you cope with life, living dreams and passions? I have found being intentional is so helpful. How are you doing it?

X Chan