Explore and Wander | Poolside at the Kariwak Village Hotel, Tobago

So just for the record I'm not a pool person... neither am I a sea person. Don't get me wrong though, I am a beach person, a sand lounger. Books, naps, eats, drinks.... pretty much anything on the sand. Under an beach-'brella or coconut tree kinda person.

For him too, this break was a long over due break. For this trip all he wanted was a pool. I wanted familiarity among the gazillion other things on my wants list. 

Remember I love new experiences so I included a couple favourite and new places in my location search. Narrowing it down to three that I needed help making a final decision. Two with ocean views and then this one.

Me: I have never been but always wanted to and there isn't a sea view but I am willing to try something new. What do you think? 

Him: Is there a pool?

Me: yes I saw, there is one. 

Him: Well then let's and yes try somewhere new. 

And that was all I needed. We sat together one night in October 2016 and booked our flight over and secured our three night/four day staycation.

That's how I came to my time here in this amazing holistic village experience in Tobago where these tiny postcards, from my heart, were made.

We swam in the pool, at night after each of our days there, the water was warm. I loved it. 

With love,


Anything with cold water, pretty much, count me out. I will enjoy it from afar and without making contact. It's really simple. When it comes to Tobago I normally choose hotels with sea views. It's why I love and always go to Coco Reef and the Bacolet Beach Club two of my favs on the island. I have however lusted over spending time at Top-O-Tobago and Kariwak Village for years.

For some perspective I am also an intimate hotel person, the large commercial joints with sprawling compounds,  pools large like the ocean,they do not bring me comfort. I prefer intimate settings. I associate that with lowness and stillness and reminds me of home. I do strive to live like a local and strive to feel at home wherever I am and to me the smaller, boutique hotels (when chosen correctly) simulate closely that unsophisticated, everyday, comfortable and warm feeling of home.

Even knowing myself and having these specific preferences I am also that person willing to try new experiences. I'd do most things once. And that is where this began. This trying things mentality took me to Kariwak Village Hotel after a years leave from travel, the Kariwak Village Hotel was, in part, my destination of choice.