Compelled to Create | JOURNALING

I bought the most beautiful journal at one of my favourite stationary stores in SOHO, New York on my most recent trip there, it was November last year.

The cover I loved, the inside not so much, it is plainly and thickly ruled, but I thought I can and should fill it up with as much content that moved me. I held on to it for quite sometime.

Sometime between then and now my dad mentioned to me that he saw my book and opened it (you did what, lol) and thought it would have been filled with all sort of dreamy things, but to his surprise it was blank. 

I have been meaning to use it for a special thing,  a canvas for my creativity, a playground of sorts. I have always been encouraged to write, she always know best, and I knew one day when the time was right I would heed the advice of my mother and journal and put pen to paper through journaling. I thought I would share some of it all the excitement, the doubt, the sad moments, responsibility as I grow older and of life and love and some of my very own versions of a lack of understanding when it comes love and relationships as I feel now I am ready to keep a beautiful journal.

Blogging makes me vulnerable, it always has and I am guessing and coming to terms that it always will. I am willing now however to embrace it, to be vulnerable and enjoy every awkward moment of it. 

Being a curious creative led me to photography which in turn led to exploration. Being heart broken led me to self love and led me to developing a strong sense for love and belonging and understanding that I can be consistently consistent. I want my journal to reflect this. 

With Love From Freeport;