A Colour Palette Inspired| The aftermath of the fire

Have you ever walked the land after a bush fire. Taken time to look at the damage, the colours, the contrast. There is nothing I love more than being at home and not having much of anything planned that takes me away. 

Being here makes me appreciate community much more than any other place in particular. The scale of the need for a vibrant and growing community is magnified when I spend time here. The fact that in numbers with common goals the sky is the limit.

The fire while threatening, in its' aftermath reveals a playground clear and colourful previously covered by threatening, unwelcoming wild grass that towered over my head.

We went just after the sun was rose. This girl and I. She always get a crazy wave of gladness when she sees her leach in my hand. She enjoys these walks and I enjoy her enjoying them.

What started out as a simple walk one morning turned into a fascination of the colours that remained after the fire. 

What you do alone is limited.
Build with others.
Share with others.
Become an unlimited force.

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