Rich Local | Dark Chocolate Pancakes and Gathering Eats


I am planning to host our next gathering in Freeport, something simpe and homey. It would be very much like the last and some of those meeting we've had at some of our local favourite spots. I am thinking of a breakfast w eggs, home made nut bread, almond milk some pancakes, fresh fruit, yogurt and an assortment of hot and cold beverages. I'm thinking to snack on things like home made hummus and almond butter filled spoons with a bowl of carrots for dipping. A walk through the orchard pealing and enjoying fresh oranges, and whatever fruit is in season, as we go. Perhaps some granola on the table for when we return and become a little peckish. I am thinking we can spend the morning in community over food letting it fizzle off into whatever we so desire. 

I'm trying my hand and putting finishing touches on my very favourite take on wholesome pancakes, a childhood favourite. I added in some local favourites dark chocolate and honey from Apiary 1365. 

I'm interested in having local house wares, cups and cutlery to complement the table. Furniture from one of our local wood workers and open gate and space that allows us all to connect genuinely with each other.

These were almost perfect. I would be working on getting them lighter and fluffier in time for my guests!

With love from Freeport;