Making Home | A corner of my studio apartment uncovered

About four years ago with the help of my family (read parents) and my brother we remodeled my studio apartment. Both my brother and I were in North Carolina, I was on a work vacation, one of those trips where you mix, follow or precede a business trip with pleasure. So remotely we worked with mummy and daddy, who were in Freeport, on the remodel.

Shortly after with my brother home we (read him, with me playing supervisor) built a floating shelving unit, three floating wall mounted book shelves, framed a 4 ft mirror, hung it and finished the space off with a cantilever work desk completed with a wooden frame and a white surface covered with glass.


Since then the desk served as a huge shelf, cluttered storage area, sometimes with a mountain of paper and/or anything that would fit safely or precariously on it.

This week, was the first time I think, I have actually seen and used the desk as a work space since it's making.

The Saturday afternoon I returned home, my time spending a four hour long lunch with Ru and V, a coloring book and a stack of colours to be free with, inspired the change in this corner. That evening I made this corner into something I can finally use, after having procrastinated for so long.

This morning I picked some dill and kept it with me for a while at my table before setting them to dry. There is a door to the outside, west facing offering some beautiful light and sunset views, something that I totally overlooked until now. I use it now and open it occasionally.  It now let's light I hadn't yet noticed into my life. I am forever thankful for this discovery. 

Do you use the natural light in your home?

With love from Freeport,