Cake without tears | A Christmas tradition

I do not enjoy eating anyone's Christmas cake but my Mothers'. I'm so sure of this that I politely decline every time I am offered someone else's cake.

I grew up on her cake and watching her make Christmas Fruit Cakes for everyone we loved.

For some years now I have fantasized about learning to make it just as good as she does so that I can make for her one day. I came so close as to making attempts to, a couple times in the past.

This year, thanks to a hurting heart (I am a relationship nightmare) and a determination to get to starting the traditions I wished to be building with a partner and a family of our own I attempted to make the Cake without tears with tears streaming down my face.

The tears did not bother me, I was happy and thankful that with my mother relaxing and with her recipe in hand, I was finally mixing in the flour, measuring alcohol soaked fruit, folding in batter and for the first time actually learning with my Mother's Guidance to make her "Cake without tears".  My tears slowly dried.

These are a couple moments I captured just after the cakes finished baking and cooling just enough to see if it were a hit or a miss. 

I protected her from my tears. 

Merry Christmas, With love from Freeport.