Painting and Sipping | Marie, Ru, V and I

I am a strong advocate for joining your friends and family on sharing your bucket list items. You won't believe the magic that results and how many commonalities you can find it each other bucket lists. We've been trying to fall into one of the local Paint and Sip Art Parties just for the fun of it. Possibly because we enjoy sipping in each others company that always results in long nights, lots of laughter and more sipping, chatting and eating that anything. One of those nights that just for the while nothing matters but what your doing. Those are the nights we love together. 

Is there anything more fun that sipping on your favourite beverage and painting, like no body's business. I'd day NO.

We decided on CSpot Sip n Paint. C is short for Creative Spot and it is situated just inside Glencoe, in the Western side of the Country. At the CSpot we were guided by artist Simone Brown through the painting of one of her own paintings but not before our glasses were fill were we ready to go. There, there is nothing like "I can't paint" and I loved that.

Find the CSpot Paint and Sip here. Tell a friend. Take a friend. We'd definitely go back with you if you are concerned about going a solo.

With love from Freeport,