The National Culinary Team Practice Dinners 2016

The National Culinary Team is back with their Practice Dinners this year and just like the last time, they prepared for the Taste the Caribbean Completion and held similar Monday Night dinners, this time is an enjoyable as ever. Why?


It's on a Monday. Just when Monday blues hit, if you have them that is, where you can spice up the beginning of your week with dressing up and heading out for a dinner date night. Carry your significant other, crazy foodie friends or go solo I think the night is perfect for either one of these adventurers.


Situated on one of the Hilton Trinidad's' outdoor open air balcony's overlooking the grand Queens Park Savannah, the view is spectacular. The night air, the ambient street  and building lights and atmosphere dinning with others gathered around tables anticipating food and drink just infiltrates you and sets the mood for a perfect and mellow city night. With the busy streets just below you also get the big city vibe, once you can imagine a little.


The food. The National team presents some of the most creative menus you can dream of full of character and a wide variety of ingredients. Mainly because of the format of the competition they are preparing for. This serves as a huge plus for you on a Monday night. Note that the dinners are practice dinners, which means while this food served may not satisfy your internal critic any experience where you are found supporting others on a bigger journey, where you find yourself in a position to offer your constructively critical feedback and share at the same time, is something to cherish and seize. 

With love from Freeport, 


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