Joie De Vivre | Weekend Coffee Share


If we were having coffee I think finally it would be at home. Just getting inside after a walk in the yard, foraging, picking what ever edibles and flowers we could find.

 We'd have made it to having a cup of coffee as we normally spoke of at home, one of our homes or the other. I'd think we'd both enjoy the smell as we cracked the seal open to the coffee pack. We'd select the local brew over the mountain of folgers and blue mountain we have stashed. We'd talk about what we've learnt about coffee origins, coffee berries, coffee varieties and such.

You would know tons more than me, naturally. With a whole wealth of stories and tips, more than I. Naturally, through experience. I would love listening to you but you would encourage me to share with you my process as you are wise like that. There is always a lesson to learn, in your book. 


We gush over latte art and conclude for certain one day we'd practice. I'd think that if we were having coffee now we'd actually measure the beans, grind the beans, bloom the grounds and share in each others manual brewing rituals.


Stush bush would be right on our heels 'cause she just loves our company and human interactions with the ones she loves. 


We'd probably learn a thing or two from each other and then decide where we'd take this journey next.

I'd think we would be seated at the island, which is now in the living room area. We be talking about the new space and how I am challenged with rearranging to make use of the furniture that I currently have wo having to through any pieces out of purchase new ones. I'd also explain that the island is a temporary measure, I am keeping it here just in case with time reality hits and I wonder why did I even more it at least it would be near by to be relocated to its original spot and not in some new home or the other. Or dump serving as a playground to the corbeaus.

I'd hope at some point we'd move to the seat by the window. Where the light come in just nice. From the east and also from the western windows. 

If we were having coffee I'd hope to be listening all your stories about your journinng and reading the daily word. There would be a lot of listening, so if we were having coffee I'd be listening. 

With love from Freeport, 




#WeekendCoffeeShare originated at Part Time Monster:

I started the Weekend Coffee Share last year after lots of feedback and several months of writing posts that imagined a conversation with my blog readers that started with the “if we were having coffee” line. The coffee share runs on the weekends, and there aren’t a lot of rules—-posts just need to be formatted like a conversation over beverages (we’ve had tea-drinkers and cocktail-hours as well as coffee) AND be written within the past week (so you don’t need to publish on the weekend to join the link-up). The hashtag #weekendcoffeeshare is in use all weekend on Twitter and Facebook, and it is sometimes used a bit during the week as well. .~Part Time Monster

*I originally stumbled across this concept at my friends blog Vernette Out Loud, and I loved the idea.