Slow Living | Making Home


The time I can carve in everyday feels like a blessing. Making home and using what I have is becoming a way of life. Something I am surprising everyone close to me, including myself with. Tidying, cooking and retreating into a slow paced life inspired by nature and the everyday inspires me. I still have a strong desire to wanderlust and travel but I am finally seeing the benefits of settling into a work like balance, not disrupted by vacations trips abroad. It feels good finally getting a hold on routine, bills and managing in a life without overtime and long work weeks. I miss the creativity I have gained executing Engineering in the environment I once had, in the way that I have had but I have gained so much, three years later. In case you missed it, it was about three years ago that I stopped working extended hours as an engineer, allowing me to re-discover weekends and life on straight time. In addition to this direct benefit and rediscovered time, I have had to over time come to terms with reduced residual income which has changed my way of life and some of the things I have been able to enjoy.  I have as a result found some liking to questioning every purchase and shying away from being a collector of things, which is finally showing some benefit. Slowing down and downsizing feels entirely responsible.

With an ever increasing love for home and the space that I have I am finding and embracing more and more hidden corners. Simple things. Like the side door by the bathroom that I never opened while at home until a couple months ago. The light that enters the kitchen now and filters to the bedroom now that the island is moved. The desk I can now sit at while I exercise creative play, painting, colouring and journaling. At the same time I am seeing ways in which I can do more and more with less. I've made a lamp. I've been making positive love notes for my walls.

Less clutter.



I have been de-cluttering over sometime now, it feels like forever, and through the process I have come to decide that I am no longer going to continue this de-cluttering dance in these stages. So now in giving myself a month, as I am finding myself in a dance of clean here and there, on a room by room basis, while moving around and through the studio only to be going around in circles. In this frustrating manner I get through with the studio, a four room, open floor plan that is under 1000 sq ft space, only to begin the cycle again. I am throwing this piece meal approach thorough the door. That one by the bathroom that I recently discovered that allows for some perfect light inside when open, I am throwing it through that door.

How hard can it be to keep such a tiny space clutter free. Apparently extremely hard the rate I am going.

I am attempting to de-clutter once again and now two weeks in the month well, actually 20 days, a little over two weeks and doing this makes me really rethink things on space, light and comfort. I am amazed at how the changes in the physical space I keep infiltrates me. Somehow touching my physical body and in similar fashion making for some much needed space within.

I have a huge help from one of the books I have been slowly reading after discovering it being mentioned by one to many people on Instagram as a miracle book. I gave in, decided to get the thing and read it, knowing I was failing at making the space, on my own, into the clear and light home that I imagined. 


Well my imaginations are of something of a scant home, nothing out of place everything either on a shelf, or in a cupboard. The floors wo clutter and the kitchen counters clear. The bedroom equally freeing and peaceful. And art. And plants. And light. And wood.

Now that I am seeing some results, with my efforts making home, coffee in the morning at home, not during the work week when my morning rituals are significantly shortened and do not involve enjoying a cup of coffee at home, on a weekend on a counter I have never used until now feels like a privilege.

The love seat by window spoils me.

This exercise is transforming the way I look at home and the things I have. The have nots do not matter. I have stopped craving for a different life, a different home and I feel now that everything that surrounds me is contributing to my growth. The orchard, the studio, the land with the overgrown bush, where I work, the garden. Everything. It is all sufficient. Life. 

I want to keep a space beautiful at all times. Which simply allows me to see the beauty in what is, regardless. Somewhat picture perfect if I may, not for the photos that I can make through my lens but for the possibility of these photos and the reality of being in a space that i am proud of. I want when there is opportunity for someone to come over I do not continue my dance, hop skip around or get anxious at the prospects of their coming over. I want when my aunty comes over, asks for something cold to drink I can offer her with a smile rather than hmmm water? (she would drop from surprise, I'm sure). Friends, they are the exception, I have no problem with them, but it would also be nice to surprise them. They know me, they know the challenges I face and are more intimate with the disorganized, mes pot I have been all my life. I usually just give them the usual: "If you see something out of place you'd just act normal, right"...something of a greeting I playfully share when they do come to visit. 

Now that I have a better handle on things, there is less anxiety. Now that I do not have to scramble, grab things and stuff them wherever they fit. Now keeping home is more manageable. I live in a place I'll like to keep even when you don't visit. It's a challenge, so far and I have 10 more days to finish this phase and then a whole life ahead of me to perfect this.

The clothes are still to sort. My kitchen cupboards, linen cupboard and the tool cupboard are still to be tackled. The whole wall, over-seized closet and possibly the island may not be in the space much longer, as I have not figured just yet how to re-purpose them. I have been working on a wooden dining table to replace the island space and functionality and considering individual and smaller dresser drawers and vanity

It feels freeing to be freeing of clutter and it feels I have what seems like forever to go still.  Do you think you can take the challenge and try to simplify your life and home in thirty days or are you already a Goddess/ God when it comes to this?

With love from Freeport,