There is art in the Museum | The DCFA Art and Design 2016

Untitled work by Sonya Ramjewan answering the following question through her work: How would a change in perception affect the way that I do a portrait?

The University of the West Indies, Department of Creative and Festival Arts final year exhibition is the result of investigations by students of the Fine Arts and Design disciplines within the Visual Arts Degree Programme.

For Fine Art students the exhibition follows a progression of thoughtful peer reviews, insightful artist critiques and measured guidance on the fundamentals of concept development, finishing and presentation.  These promising new artists will exhibit a variety of films, installation works, drawings and paintings exploring topics that range from identity to social media addiction.

Design students will present products and systems as resolutions to identified problems. The Fine Art and Design 2016 exhibition is the culmination of the Visual Arts Degree Program and more importantly it will mark the entrance of new artists and designers who can make significant contributions to the disciplines.

The images published include works that were a series of investigatory pieces leading to the final pieces and some images of the final pieces themselves. Come embark on a journey that gives insight, demonstrates creativity and  innovative solutions to everyday problems. Source

The exhibition runs until may 14th 2016. I think it is a must experience and it is even open on Saturdays as far as I understand.

With love from Freeport,