The cost of following dreams | Enjoy the journey

Photography has become a huge part of my life. I start my mornings wandering outside with the birds, when they are their noisiest. When the sun rises up past the horizon, the bamboo patch, then through the mango trees, stretching over the house and on to the orchard, if I am lucky to still be outside and not scurrying off to work. My days, most of them, end here also. One the days that I am here I walk the land, most times with my companion Stush Bush. We explore, sometimes have dinner under the orange trees. Peeling them, cutting them in half and enjoying right on the spot under the shade of the tree until our stomachs are ready to burst.

We'd go with my camera. Everything and anything pops out. It is beautiful, I am lost and find clarity through photography ever time and these morning and evening wanders are no different. I am excited at what was yesterday and of what is today. The light is different as it falls on everything. I love that, out there, everything is new and still it really isn't. 

I make photographs most days like the average person collects their links receipts after common, everyday purchases. And most times never to return to view, review or use. Like those links receipts, the memory card serves as it to take them and to stick them into any pocket, slit or space, perhaps the bin right next to the retail counter, any space really that would tolerate this addition without overfilling. And even in overfilling we still try to stick those receipts. Let's not get into the valuable matter that stays in the form of .jpg files that are in my phones camera roll. At the same time they serve as artifacts, something I have made at the particular time, of that particular things while feeling the particular feels I did.

These days the noni tree is as fragrant as ever, the oranges and rough skinned lemons are abundant. The almost useless mandarin, as sour as hell, suitable only for juice. These I pick and save into ice cubes for enjoying as a part of something bigger. Something sweeter.

In following my dreams photography has become less of living in the past through photos made and less of looking to a future that dreams are made of but more so enjoying a journey on along the path, that following my dreams and achieving goals are made of. 

Photography brings me clarity. I follow my dreams because the truth is the other options of not following them isn't a viable one. I follow them and I try to be gentle with myself along the way.

As a full time Engineer and curious creative following a dream for a rich local family life, that looks like a photo that includes children and a supportive partner, and us share time on the land, sharing and keeping a garden in a cottage with, tons of white, light and wood. Lots of outdoor time, exercise even, cycling perhaps. Maybe some chickens and a career in a home studio where I make visual photo stories while being a supportive partner and mother. A dream where I continue to discover and share local finds, local makers that make and creative things that are essential to a rich local life.

Here's what we can all do and learn through the clarity that photography brings me while following my dreams: enjoy the journey towards each and everyone of your dreams and goals for there is life prior to and after each accomplishment. 

With love from Freeport,