The Weekender| Local Wanderlust | A MaracAs Bay Beach run with Aaron

Who: Chan and Aaron

Trip to: Maracas Bay North Coast

Time in car: 40 minutes (from Central Trinidad)

WHY Road TriP?

Why not. We'd travel miles to visit new places while we are part of a beautiful country where we seldom remember to live. Living as a local and as a tourist, is something I'd never ever want to stop doing. 

What can you do on a local road trip that you couldn't do on a plane to a foreign destination?

The wind and breeze through the car, through your hair, under your arms and the freedom of winding roads. The stops on the hills, at the look out for local eats.This cannot be done aboard a plane. You can also save copious amounts of money when heading out for an adventure by choosing to hit the local roads as opposed to our local airlines.

Music, radio or otherwise?

Otherwise, sound tracks upon soundtracks on rotation in between the sounds of nature (the wind, birds, and silence) as we climb the hills and drive along the coast line. Radio isn't always reliable as the signal is sometimes poor. 


What makes you stop?

The look out for the view, a must have regardless of how many times you have stopped here before. In addition for the view here stop for the local eats, sweets and drinks from the vendors set up here. 
I'd stop just at the beginning of the journey in the vicinity of Mocha, for that southward view through the hills and for that peep of the ocean. I have not made this stop as yet but would one day. 

To detour or not to detour?

To detour isn't always the choice but on this trip we detoured to the parlour for ice, a new cooler and a six pack each of our favourite casual drinks.

On market days the decision is always to detour.

I'd go anyway. Heading to the beach on market day does not stop me wanting to quickly dip in to visit our local makers and artisans for top ups on my favourite purchases, talks with Arthur the wood-maker, Johan the Jeweler and the usual exchanges with everyone that I have grown to love seeing at the market. 

Coffee is also another reason I'd detour. Everything is better with coffee. 


The most unexpected part of our trip?

Making this fun little video as we left for home.


This post is inspired by my love for all the sweet content I read over at that I have decided to convert some past photos capturing my wanderlust weekending into these stories.

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