Thursday Afternoon Tea at Freebird Restaurant by R2, Pointe-a-Pierre; Trinidad and Tobago

I posted about Freebird Restaurant's Sunday brunch just this past Sunday... we returned, but this time, as guests of the restaurant to sample their Thursday Afternoon Tea Service. Freebird Restaurant is a unique and private spot, surrounded by lush greenery, and serving up globally influence cuisine unsuspectingly located within the Pointe-A-Pierre Camp, in close proximity to the countries only Refinery and Wild Fowl Trust.

It was a rainy afternoon, we were straight from work, both Ru and I. Being Engineers in the Refinery just off the way and not having something of this nature to pass time by, made coming to unwind after work for Afternoon tea here feel like a luxury. Ru changed out of her safety retardant clothing and I freshened up, t swapped out safety retardant jacket for black pocketed sweater more suitable for the likes of afternoon tea, slipped on my flats and we were off. We met at the restaurant. I played around in a spot under the trees making a photo I had previously stuck in my mind.

A refurbished old house, warm and rustic, outfitted with floor to ceiling windowed doors for walls on the eastern and southern sides of the main dining room,  complete with a garden overflowing with flowers welcome to Freebird Restaurant, by R2's Thursday afternoon tea. See more here.

Things to look forward to sensational, flavourful, creative menu, a short nature trail from the restaurant to the Wild Fowl Trust for all the nature seekers, lodging in the upper rooms of the restaurant and kitchen and flower garden.

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With love from Freeport,