Self Portraits | My Rain Inspired Life

A rainy day here always finds things canceled. Things like football sweats, restaurant reservations, hanging our with friends, heading out with the camera exploring and hiking are common things that get canceled. The reasons are a collection of fabricated excuses, of those attempting to flake on others and legitimate ones that mature folk make. 

I often find myself rather than canceling a plan to head out to shoot, fabricating ideas for photo opportunities. Had I had a muse all would be well and I find myself stepping in front the camera because all attempts to make my boyfriend into my muse often fails. I, however, am determined and not yet given up on that front. 

I love the rain. Two things are my favourite, two extremes, in this weather...either snuggled up home warm and dry with no reason to go outdoors whatsoever or properly dressed for the weather outdoors exploring and wandering. 


With Love from Freeport,