4 sleeps in the loveliest stone house in Belvezet, France

I love to travel slow, free and convenient. The newness, the freeness it affords always inspires me. It is why I plan and do it often. I travel to places I've dreamed, to learn, to relax and to rejuvenate. Learning is why I left for Europe this time. 

I spent 4 nights and 6 days in the beautiful rural village of Belvezet, in the loveliest stone house. Like all my travels I'll grab the opportunity to show you around, revisiting, reliving memories made and making more.

We ate yogurts, crossaints, drank fresh ginger tea, infused water. We ate fresh fruits and light and wholesome meals in communion around our dining table.

We drove through the countryside, visited neighboring towns and walked through in the quiet roads of Belvezet.