A Provençal Picnic | A day and the Gordes Farmers Market, South France

I've been meaning to tell you about life on a Tuesday in Gordes of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, in the South of France. I'd love to go back one day with you. It's quite idyllic. It's referred to as an ideal Provencal location. Gordes is a hillside commune and like I said before it is in the south of France and on Tuesdays, every week, the historic town holds a weekly Farmers Market. We entered the town via way of a winding hill, Rue de la Combe.

It's the perfect place to gather. Featured at the market are linens, housewares, fresh fruit, cured meats, herbs, and spices. Lavender is by the thousands, held in beautiful bunches tied together by twine. The market is held outdoors along the streets and winding up and down the little slopes around the main center. 

Just off Rue de la Poste you'd find a tiny post office, public lavatories and a beautiful botanical garden off the way.

With a perfect mix of shade and light we enjoyed a market picnic here, it flelt like quite a French thing to do, using market goodies. Just moments before we sourced fruits from the fruit vendor, cured meats, some vino, nuts and of course breads and with all of it we set up a picnic on our mismatched linens. 

Options for coffee in cafes are numerous, we settled for one of the beautiful hillside views with our cups. I got some linens as keep sakes at the market, the ones I use wt home when we are having coffee. They are beautiful and give me the fondest memoreis of my travels.

Pictured here are my very brief but always remembered friends, Eda of Geraldinecooks.com and Lindsay Cameron Wilson writer, food stylist of Lindsaycameronwilson.ca,Linda Lomelino, Photographer & cookbook author of Call me cupcake, and my name sake, Chan (Chantal Johnson).

With love from Freeport;