The Garden Club of Trinidad| At a Home Garden in Gran Couva

Beautiful, scenic drive into Gran Couva on an overcast day

Mid August this year George and Barbara welcomed the Garden Club of Trinidad to their home. They are long-standing members of the club and, don't quote me here, quite the horticulturist couple. Me, I am a newbie to the club. If you are keeping up with me on social media as diligently as some people keep up with the Kardashians you'd have seen me mention this expressing my complete and thorough excitement. This was my first club meeting and the day in which I formally joined the club as a guest of Chan. Read about that here.

See the thing is because of the nature of the club and visits monthly to members private homes, gardens and spaces it is not open to the public,  you have to learn about the club and then be able to join basis referral of a member in good standing. Thankfully I met Chan, and with a little coaxing from my friends I opened up a line of conversation expressing interest in learning about the club and it lead to this.

Since then I have missed one meeting, Sept 2017, it would have been my second. I was utterly disappointed to miss it but I was under the weather. Some days I suffer from migraines and nausea so badly it's debilitating. Some days I am under the weather emotionally. Sometime I wonder if this what getting old feels like, my body doesn't seem like the one I have always know.  But these are topics I rarely get into on here, but  nonetheless I was disappointed because I missed a talk on Kitchen Gardens, by Mr. Jean-Luc Quesnel, that I wanted to hear so badly. I know, Jean-Luc, not personally though, but I know of his work, only in passing and through the eyes of social media and so I just felt moved to hear all he had to share on the topic. Perhaps another time. 

So here is a little peep into The De Verteuil's Gran Couva forest garden. I hope it inspires you as much as it does me. During the mid-day session we sat formally to listen to George speak on the Mother-in-Law's Tongue, the plant for the day, and then we ventured off on foot. I grabbed my boots and camera from the car before jogging to meet up with the group. Through the photos below I'd share with you what we do in the Garden Club. I was most interested in this and as with anyone's imagination I had my own initial ideas of actually gardening and stuff but I'm happy to report it is so much more than this.

A Photo Story