San Francisco

San Francisco is a place that I only know under a grey sky. At the end of the year when Christmas lights and low temperatures fill the city. It is a place I felt safe to wander alone but in hindsight only so north of Market Street and also only so before dusk fell.

Often time when I am out photographing choosing a theme to shoot, it always helps with capturing subjects. In a new city, the city is my muse. 

I started my days at Pete's Coffee on 4th Street...I'd sit and people watch while I had my coffee and a slice of banana bread. It was a short walk from 6th Street where I slept in an Airbnb loft. I'd venture off on foot to market Street after.

I always walk in new city on vacation. Something I rarely do at home and it always surprised me how connected city's are. I usually take one route per day once I have enough days there. I head north, south, east and west from my home away from home. How different actually perspective is when compared to the maps and apps we use to navigate unfamiliar places always astonishes me.

I sit with my note book most mornings either reviewing the plans I had for the day or simply sitting making one on the fly. 

On this trip I taught myself to capture photos in manual mode and learning how to navigate my camera in manual mode. So naturally I made tons of notes and made cheat sheets for me to glance at on the way, while exploring. I recorded anything new I'd discovered.

If you're trying to guess. I traveled alone.