A Food Photography Story, @Pam's Kitchen, Wallingford, Seattle; U.S.A

Dining out is dear to me. It's speaks of time, spending it with persons you love sharing food around a table and giving of time we rarely give each other.  It also speaks of self and your ability to dine alone speaks volumes about ones ability of love of oneself. I visited Pam's Kitchen, finally. It was a group effort. See my brother lives in Seattle. I feel lucky. This essentially means that I can visit him and explore an entire new part of the globe and that I did. There is this small, vibrant and loyal clique of Trinidadians in Seattle, that spend countless hours here in Pam's Kitchen. In community. The best way to live. Where it is so easy to be a stranger. So easy to feel alone in a crowded room. Community is the answer. In my opinion community around food is healing. So back to how I ended up here. My brother, one of my biggest fans, supporters, sold my talents, speaking very highly of them. I often tell him wow I do not see my work the way you describe it. They bought into it, and I followed through to the call to support somethings near and dear to me: Food.  Entrepreneurship. Visual Storytelling. 

There is something that always speaks to me when I go out for food. It is either one or a combination of the following that makes someplace alluring and unique and draws me right in: ambiance, cleanliness, food (Quality, Taste, Presentation. The whole shebang) and their hospitality. A place that nails all these elements is like that drug that I am hooked on an yearn for like a seasonal druggie. I call it their degree of complexity. And I like to say each should aim for a high degree of complexity where they score big in each category. I want to tell you more about this concept, The Degree of Complexity, the Foodie Edition. Before I get into that here are some of the mouth watering food options in Pam's Kitchen. If you'd take a look at their online menu you'd realize that this body of work only skims the surface of that available in Caribbean inspired Seattle based food spot. I was lucky, though, to one rainy Thursday to make the drive, after my a.m. coffee at Ancient Grounds in downtown Seattle to Wallingford, Seattle where Pam's Kitchen is located, for a taste of Pam's hand ( and by extension the hands of her trained staff). You can drink up a storm also, more on that here.  

The Dalpuhri

The Fried Bake and Stewed Chicken

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Their Specialty Jerk Chicken

Paratha. Soft and Flaky

Pork, Rice and Peas