I changed two things, find out what that is teaching me about composition. Photography

SPOILER ALERT: I changed my lens and my Instagram posting style (I've switched from resizing my images to using the instagram square photos feature)

Switching to Instagram IG squares

What have I noticed.

I have noticed that I have lost the height in my portrait oriented photos. Or if I can explain this in layman terms I have lost the sense of depth in my photos. 

Currently I am challenging myself with this lesson: compose with extra top space so that when potos as squared the feel of length is there 

Here's why I love instagram: There is a small community that you get to run things by and you can share and learn.

Today Tanya Weekes a Photographer currently in Toufen, Taiwan shared with me that she enjoys the natural square frame of instagram and the challenge of photographing within that.. and that usually she'll set her camera up in the 1 x 1 format if I know I'm shooting for IG to ensure I leave enough space around the subject. BOOM. And off I went to find that setting on my camera.

So I am not a manual kinda girl. I feel through trial and error I can figure things out but the thing is I hadn't yet found the setting on my Camera so tonight I googled: "Setting up Canon Mark 3 to 1x1".

The topic of aspect ration came up and area new to me and I read all night long.

According to the aspect ratio is the length-to-width ratio of your image. Your camera usually has a default aspect ratio, apparently mine is at 3:2, and I can change that setting in the shooting menu. The site continue to say that working with aspect ratio helps you shoot pictures the way you like so you will have less editing to do later. I love it. 

I hope this has helped you as much as it does me. 

With Love From Freeport,