The Artist Way | Artist Date #1

Making a Minion Photography prop for Alex's 1 year old birthday celebration.

Making a Minion Photography prop for Alex's 1 year old birthday celebration.

What are artist's dates? I am reading and working through "The Artist Way" and one of the activities is called the "Artist Date". I am taking photos at Alex's birthday party this weekend coming and I thought would be nice to have one a live photography frame as a prop... you know like all those cool photo booths have these days. I shared this with Alex's mom and Aunty Fay and  Alex's Aunt Fay showed me a simple template and I am using it and currently making own own version for a live photography frame. Some time after deciding to do this and mentally planning I thought I would challenge myself to completion and not just have it be a wishful thought and I committed to making it my first, although three weeks late, Artist Date. 

This date took me to the craft supply store, through creating a mock up one evening, lots of back on forth on what's app and two evenings later I am working on the finishing touches and will go by Aunty Fay to do the finally sticking and prep. I only hope Alex would love his minion live frame, and we all know he would call it a car, cause that is the one word he knows right now and in his world everything is a car. Don't remember Alex...well he is the first baby I took photos of almost a year ago when he came home from hospital. He is also one of the first babies I have ever spent so much time with. So in my little world he is special. Very special.

If you know me you'd already know I do "Artist dates" already I just do not call it that. I am very fond of, and do it very often, taking myself out. I love solitude. It heals. I go on photowalks, evenings by the yacht club, spending time solo at any of my favorite local coffee shops and plant shop visits to window shop. The list is long and varied. While I do not consider myself an artist, now that I have a formal term to call the activity, I am glad to do two things to make my time in solitude, my Artist dates, something new and fresh, i.e.:

  1. do entirely new and different things
  2. challenge myself to make an "Artist Date" of some the things I've always wanted to do and never made time for 

Now back to my minion in the making.... I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to complete him over the next two days..

I am in week three of the book, the Artist Date, and doing my week one date, because inspiration was late in coming. And that is ok. I know this. I already have ideas for my coming Artist Dates, here they are in no particular order:

  1. A photo walk by the Old PTSC bus terminal at the Kings Wharf San Fernando
  2. Making San Castles by the Beach
  3. Making Kokedama
  4. Hanging my Staghorn Fern. Here is another great resource from Epic Gardening
  5. Macramé knots and plant hangers for my home studio
  6. DIY Mount photo prints
  7. Painting wall in studio some shade of forest green...
  8. Paint nails red
  9. Planing the a casual picnic. Inspired by my beautiful time in Gordes, France during a photography, styling and slow living retreat. Read all about that here.
  10. Paper Flowers

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