Explore and Wander| Five Winning Elements for any Secret Garden

Spoiler alert: Inspired by A Secret Garden in the Santa Cruz Valley, Trinidad and Tobago

There is a common thread in all the great gardens that I have visited. From the small backyard gardens to the large monumental ones, like Gardens of Versailles, France. I feel it boils down to the tangible and those intangible elements of a garden that complete it. It boils down to the feeling you get while there.

I figure that while there are tangible contributors, like the assortment of plants, the variation of heights, textures, and colors, the seating and accommodations, the formal and informal pathways; a large part of a Gardens' success lies with the intangible aspects. The parts that grow without your intervention, the moss, the wild flowers and the light seeping in. 

I have been lucky, I feel lucky, to have learned about a local garden club, "The Garden Club of Trinidad". I also feel lucky to have been invited, by Chan (Ms. Chancy Moll who fondly told me we are namesakes after learning that I too go by the name Chan) to join. Because of the nature of the Club and private visit to members homes as the Club does not have a formal home of their own, the closed knit garden group. I would be attending my first meeting in 10 days and I am particularly excited. 

I am excited to learn and meet other gardening enthusiasts, one of which I met the day I visit this lush green place. The photos featured here are from the Secret Garden at the San Antonio Farms, where Chan owner and fellow gardener took us on a tour. Here are five things that make this Secret Garden and many others win:

The Secret Garden-8.jpg

Gardens represent hope to me.

Hope. Hope for growth. Hope for flowers. Hope for life. Hope for tomorrow.

It also is a place where you have to let go, understand that God is in control.

Here are the things I love about Chan's secret garden...




Their Flowers

Their Water Features and Elements

Their Formal and Informal areas and pathways

Their various Tropical Green Installations

I loved sharing time in this space. There is alot to explore there, I purposefully did not include so you can have a chance if you can to go experience it on your own.

With love from Freeport;