Explore and Wander| Five Winning Elements for any Secret Garden

Spoiler alert: Inspired by A Secret Garden in the Santa Cruz Valley, Trinidad and Tobago

There is a common thread in all the great gardens that I have visited. From the small backyard gardens to the large monumental ones, like Gardens of Versailles, France. I feel it boils down to the tangible and those intangible elements of a garden that complete it. It boils down to the feeling you get while there.

I figure that while there are tangible contributors, like the assortment of plants, the variation of heights, textures, and colors, the seating and accommodations, the formal and informal pathways; a large part of a Secret Gardens success lies with the intangible aspects. The parts that grow without your intervention, the moss, the wild flowers and the light seeping in.

I have been lucky, I feel lucky, to have learned about a local garden club, "The Garden Club of Trinidad". I also feel lucky to have been invited to join, because of the nature of the Club and private visit to members homes as the Club does not have a formal home of their own, the closed knit garden group. I would be attending my first meeting in 10 days and I am particularly excited.

I am excited to learn and meet other gardening enthusiasts, one of which I met the day I visit this lush green place. The photos featured here are from the Secret Garden at the San Antonio Farms, where Chan owner and fellow gardener took us on a tour. Here are five things that make this Secret Garden and many others win:

The Secret Garden-8.jpg

Gardens represent hope to me.

Hope. Hope for growth. Hope for flowers. Hope for life. Hope for tomorrow.

It also is a place where you have to let go, understand that God is in control.




Their Flowers

Their Water Features and Elements

Their Formal and Informal areas and pathways

Their various Tropical Green Installations

I loved sharing time in this space. There is alot to explore there, I purposefully did not include so you can have a chance if you can to go experience it on your own.

With love from Freeport;