The Coffee Shop: A trip to the Capital

There is something about a coffee shop that keeps me going back. I yearn for repeated time after time there. Sipping slowly on my cups rim. People watching. Alone with my thoughts. I bask in it. This is a story about the Full Bloom Coffee Shop. I found myself just off Tragarete Road, within the premises of the Queens Park Oval on a coffee stool along a beautiful hardwood countertop between me and my barista and only a few other coffee shop guests at a time. Intimate and fragrant. 

Save for its Northern location and my Predominantly southern life I would be a more regular visitor. I romance myself with coffee and time. Time to do what my heart desires and I love the backdrop of a coffee shop. Not only for the coffee. Trust me there is so much more. 

We talk about coffee, coffee beans, coffee roasting and making cups of coffee. We talk about coffee business and so on and so forth. On another occasion, I sit with my thoughts and add some coconut oil to my cup. My first cup here was coffee with golden milk, it got turmeric in it. I did my good deed for the day, it felt like. I couldn't stop telling everyone I knew, even the non-coffee lovers about the quaint little shop and barista, Kiel, behind it.

With Caffeinated Love 

From Freeport