I love flowers

When I was a child and old enough to take over and help mummy with this task, I'd be responsible for setting the tables. I didn't have to cook the meals but assist with meal prep, setting the table and dishwashing was where I chipped in. 
It's, I think, where my love for flowers began.

I'd do like she did, go around the garden dreaming of what bouquet I would make. What complementary shapes and colours I'd choose and I'd head inside and build beautiful flower arrangements to place on the dining table and family room. 

Flowers Daisy-4.jpg
Flowers Daisy-6.jpg
Flowers Daisy.jpg

When I got older. A teenager. I remember Daddy being my first Valentine. Every year he'd get me an orchid. This was long before I developed my passion for gardening and had nothing but a plain ole thumb.

Flowers Daisy-3.jpg

They'd die at some point but he'd gift me with the prettiest orchid plants on Valentine's day.

Then my love for flowers only matured.

I got older and my partner gifted me flowers. Either to say sorry or as random lovely gestures. 

Flowers Daisy-5.jpg
Flowers Daisy-2.jpg
Flowers Daisy-7.jpg

The most extravagant ones came when he was saying sorry. I always wished that they come in better times. The single roses and flower plants came randomly and filled me up with appreciation. I'd dry each rose. I'd collect them and I'd admire their beauty as they aged,wilted and changed their colour. 

Flowers Daisy-9.jpg
Flowers Daisy-10.jpg

Ever since, expecially after wishing flowers into my life, I decided to gift myself flowers. I used to find myself wishfully passing by expensive bouquets that I'd feel too guilty to buy. I even started collecting the plants of the pretty flowers I'd come across that I loved and thought perhaps I can get my own cut flowers more affordably. A feat that required more plants and time that I had offered.

Now I am shopping around and daisies are a particular flower that I find grace. They represent something beautiful that grounds, and refreshes my thoughts.

With love from Freeport,