One of the things that working creative jobs in 2017 made certain for me

Spoiler alert: I have a non wavering POSITION this year, 2018, With Respect to GIVING A LESSER EXPERIENCE. 

Don’t discount yourself, no matter what you’re doing.
— Mark Zuckerberg

In 2017 I got exceptionally tired of hearing persons question my rates and prefer my work and I started recognizing and listening more to those that I didn't have to sell to. I started heard and being more attentive to those that knew my style, wanted what I created, and resonated with my unique style and what I brought to the table. I started to pay less attention to those who we serious about booking me for free work or collaborations that we not mutually beneficial. I stopped feeling loss or badly when persons declined working with me after learning my rates. I realized that working with clients like these, trying to serve them, made me feel devalued, used and underappreciated. Offering discounts didn't mean I put in less effort, less time or delivered work that was not up to my usual standard. In fact, I always strive to do excellent work and have delivered excellent work regardless of the rate or discount offered. I have found that offering discounts leave me having to bear the burden of certain expenses that would otherwise be the client's responsibility. I have found jobs that I offer discounts for that are not prioritized after shoot day leaves me having to dig for motivation to complete.

Every client that books me gets a full experience and if I discount, I can’t offer the experience I strive to offer.

By not offering discounts I do not compromise my beliefs, devalue my time and maintain my self-worth. This is my philosophy and focus for 2018 and beyond.

Solution: I have created a resource to inform of the real effort and costs associated with a typical engagement to provide insight and educate prospective and existing clients of where their money is going and why. 

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