A Year of Collaborations | Linger Supper Club | De Avenue

I take this camera almost everywhere I go.

It is a natural and comforting habit. There’s no telling when and where inspiration or a moment I am inspired to capture, that if not would be otherwise lost, so my camera and I usually roll together. Saturday gone we went to Linger. I have thus so far been, together with Liselle who also captures Linger behind her lens, our resident visual storyteller. The other members of the Linger team handle mostly all the other logistics. Menu decisions. Decor. Everything. Everyone has a role to play and that role while not a stagnant one has thus far been very well understood and articulated by all. Together we create and merge our styles, visions and bring Linger to life. Visually speaking my dream and vision however is to have others behind the lens, or via their preferred mediums join in and together tell the story sharing what we all experience.

Feel free to Link on through to the Friends and Linger 03 Team I’ve mentioned in this Journal Entry:

Moy | Rachel | Liselle

Linger Partners: Details on Collaborating Here

Liselle joins us once again, and shares not only her experiencing Linger through her lens but with her words as she expertly breaks down elements of our suppers in a way that leaves me entirely grateful and in awe of what we all are part of creating. You can find her creative expressions here.

Linger: Supper Club for me, outside of being an amazing culinary experience, has been foremost in my mind as my most creatively stimulating extra-curricular indulgence. Preparation for Linger has always been an “all hands on deck” type of experience, and each dinner provides an opportunity for all attendees to be involved in executing both the design and culinary vision.

In addition to me pursuing my creativity as a lifestyle, part of my daily on-goings capturing Linger is a little more of a conscious and creative act as opposed to capturing everyday moments in passing. I hope you enjoy Linger 03, Linger went to De Avenue.

Pursuing my creativity as a lifestyle and part of my daily on-goings… means creativity in the kitchen with the meals I make, as an Engineer (when solving some challenge or the other) and more so during my time behind the camera. All of it. The deliberate, staged and the candid moments.

For me the value of leading a life like this is in actually creating for the sake of it, regardless. As an Engineer practicing creativity is often overlooked, but finding solutions, design and construction is a creative, technically grounded, dance in itself. This weekend was a big deal for me, as amidst all of life which gets overwhelming, the @andwelingered team hosted our 3rd Supper. I am usually surprised as our guests as all unfolds, because of Decor and Tablescape is lead by others. Rachel lent her expertise leading our team in decorating our location and getting the tabes ready.

In addition to hosting suppers, for all involved it can be both a creative outlet and for the least a simple evening and dinner that is intended to leave you inspired, fulfilled and satisfied.

The team is growing and it’s beautiful to watch and be part of. Linger 03 was hosted on the Avenue, Aripita Avenue. Lead by my Supper Club partner Moy, we rented a spot, an ice cream shop called Mamo Ice, and guided by the Theme: De’ Avenue a menu was created, meals prepared and lead by Rachel, and our predetermined budget, both decor and tablescape design we created.

Liselle, Kard Kollectibles, rejoined the team for Linger 03, making smart menu cards reflective of night life on De Avenue, Aripita Avenue, which typically will find you hopping between bars, night clubs and eateries all along its length.

How crafty and smart are these. On point with our theme.

Welcome again to Linger 03, can I offer you wine, beers, some light refreshment or coffee?

Our wines are complementary this time around. We’re happy to work with brands in mutually beneficial arrangements and so happy to have had the sponsors this time around. We love having wines at our dinners and this time around it was our honour to feature 19 Crimes Wines. Red wines that are packed with story and living labels. I will tell you more about this for sure… are you following us @andwelingered?

The coffee, served up by barista Christian and his fiance, of Noir Cafe we also paired with our dessert, a creamy affogato.

Last time around I was not able to capture all the food as I intended, the thing with nights like this is that things happen and sometimes my shot list gets thrown out the door, in exchange for an untailored experience. The beauty though for me is having the avenue to be creative behind my camera and enjoy the night otherwise.

We started dinner with Mozzarella Bazil Bruschetta. Grilled Chicken Breast, Pasta Pomodoro and Mediterranean Mashed Potatoes for our Entree. Chocolate Cake, Japanese Cheesecake and Affogato rounded off the meal…and off course the beverages. Everything was prepared by our Supper Clubbers in attendance.


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Physically the venue was decorated with De Avenue nightlife as the vision. Rachel wanted to transform the location into an urban nightlife restaurant. She featured black, white and golden tones and finished it off the lighting that are often featured in discos.

In keeping with life on De Avenue, where hoping from spot to spot, the food station, the coffee station, the bar, were strategically stationed around the room. Our guests hopped from station to station in between resting at their tables where the magic of interaction happened. Linger is intended and is designed to foster connection, and this is achieved mostly with those around you while dining. It is beautiful to watch.

I started telling you that I take this camera, my camera, almost everywhere I go.

Behind the camera I’m carefree and creating, calculated and deliberate and working without knowledge of and regardless, of the outcome. I’m often in pursuit of some creative challenge or the other, sometimes settling on less grand versions of my pursuit just so that I can create. At Linger I am happy to report if you are interested in photography play, there opportunities that are open to you creatively.

At Linger we are always happy that you leave with something special to hold in addition to your full stomach, fulfilled being and engaged soul. See our Linger| Journal, each token is a thoughtful gift.

I share Liselle’s sentiments about what Linger is and I couldn’t have said it better... a creatively stimulating extra-curricular experience.

In case you missed it Linger is a supper-club I co-host with Moy and a growing team. It was birthed earlier this year and we’ve celebrated three suppers together, the third being this last Saturday. In addition to it being a collaborative food event, it is a stimulating creative experience, it’s a place where all involved can step up into their creative power because once a theme and menu is set pretty much the sky is the limit creatively. 

I hope to communicate this and I promise to share more.

With love from Freeport,