Picnic, live a little

So you want to have a picnic without much fuss, yet at the same time have it feel luxurious and allow you to go outdoors in comfort. This is a luxurious affair, your picnic is catered for by picnic experts and all you’ve got to do is show up. Interested? continue on then.

A picnic reminds me of the days long time when we were children and playing house, with cushions for walls and sheets for roofs. You’ve got ground cover, and layers to rest on. You’ve got freedom to choose colours and textures that matter to you most, that fit within the context of the story tale you’re building for the moment.

On the menu, all catered by L’inaction Friandises, Sweet and Sour Vegetable Bruschetta, Butterscotch panna cotta topped with a Fruit Cake caramel sauce infused with ginger, Saltfish stuffed dumplings with a curried coconut sauce. You pack chips and dip from home. To wash it all down store bought wine and infused water with lemons from the orchard and mint from the side yard.

Snack away. Play a bit. Laugh a lot. Read in leisure.


A couple months ago we had the opportunity to work along side Picnic Perfect Ltd. @picnicperfectltd and L’onction Fraindises, @godapple86, my family and friends joined in, I grabbed the game from home, walked with the wine and we created together, all of us excited and happy to spend life living a little.

Let me know in the comments what you think about picnicking and this photo set. I was extremely excited to gather everyone in collaboration and even more so excited about the opportunity behind the lens. This was a challenging shoot for me, not only was it in an attempt to make a print magazine, it was one of the first times I reached out to a group of persons in an effort to achieve a creative goal. Meaning I reached out this time. A big, big and simple step for me and it did not kill me… It was beautiful and I felt humbled by how excited and interested everyone was to work on this little project.

More big big, yet simple, steps are being made over here.

This story was made and inspired by a need to keep, if even if they are scheduled in, the things in life that make us feel alive. Live a little.

Love from Freeport;