My Coffee Ritual

Spoiler alert: I typically learn by doing so it is where I started, by doing. After some research and chats with other coffee aficionados I got started with a Chemex, 2016. Then I received the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me,Xmas 2016, and the Aeropress, Xmas 2017. 

I prefer to use locally Roasted coffee, so I do that also. 



I am an Engineer by profession. On weekdays in the office, I make something in between an Espresso and conventional American Coffee.

The reasons why I love this method is that. It makes one cup of coffee at a time, which works well for me these days as I have limited my coffee intake to a single cup. Doctors orders.

My coffee on a weekday morning is a ritual. The office is empty. I am often the only one in the office at that time and, while it is one of the faster brewing methods, it's slow living, something I can do intentionally, deliberately, attentively and with passion.

These are the thre resources that got me started with this brewing method:

  1. In person brunch dates and at home gatherings with Vernette Out Loud and Living and Lovin Life

  2. The Upside Down AeroPress Coffee Brewing Tutorial

  3. What happens when engineers make coffee? Espresso.

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Weekends and Afternoons

Using my Chemex drip coffee maker slowly drips hot water into a filter filled with coffee grounds, and the water absorbs the coffee taste. 

Special Occasion

If you have a hankering for fancy cafe drinks at home, the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Mini Me is worth a look -- just don't expect anything close to real espresso flavor. I think it's great for persons who really do not like taste of coffee but want the experience of it.


I first got to try the coffee out of this machine at the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Launch in Trinidad. We, Aaron, Ru and I got all dressed up that night to attend the launch that, IntrovertlyBubbly was invited guests and we were treated to a night of art, eats and coffee.

 I am fairly new to the world and workings of brewed coffee and this is a small sample of my personal journey brewing my own fresh brews. Read here about how I got started and my decision process that lead me to purchasing my first brewing equipment. I’ll share why I keep it simple, keep the number of accessories required to a minimum (buy less) and never focus on having the best equipment when brewing coffee. It's about the experience for me. And learning what experience I wanted was key. My surprise when my love Aar gifted me the Nescafe Dolce Gusto at Christmas time.

With love from Freeport,