Mint and Coffee

There is a place and time for everything. Including Coffee. For women, coffee has no place when you're on a journey to fertility. No place when you should be drinking teas instead. No place when you're on a detox. No place as part of any nighttime ritual. No place if you're hungover or sick. You get what I am saying here.

Otherwise, by all means Coffee. Please.

And Mint?


Mint is an aromatic herb whose leaves have a warm, fresh, aromatic, sweet flavor with a cool refreshing aftertaste.  According to The Chalkboard Magazine mint is partly therapeutic. They say that mint leaves have repeatedly been proven in research to be an effective treatment for all kinds of aches and pains. From indigestion to flatulence, to nausea and irritable bowel syndrome, mint brings relief to digestive disorders and upset stomachs. It’s also the best way to freshen the breath, and possibly even halt the growth of harmful bacteria and fungus in the bod. 

Ms. Lauren Felts, a certified nutritionist, says that other than being a natural way to ease a sour stomach, mint may also have the potential to prevent certain forms of cancer. The oils contained in mint called monoterpeneshave been shown in research to prevent the carcinogenesis process at both the initiation and promotion/progression stages. In particular, the miraculous minty oils target cancers of the breast, liver, lung, and pancreas – and may be effective in treating leukemia.

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Mint is a superfood. It's not only one of our favorite ingredients for making juices, smoothies, and mojitos but the options are endless when it comes to finding ways to eat mint! 


Enter Coffee.


Mint and Coffee.



Mint is used fresh in Coffee. According to Krystie Lee Yandoli, Buzzfeed Staff Member, when you put mint in your Coffee you know you're in California.

I think that food and travel come hand in hand. They do for me, at least. I think food and travel are so intimately connected. You can have a really personal and authentic travel experience to another part of the world with food, with the right ingredients and tools, without leaving your house or town or country.

Like Krystie, I'm talking about real, sprigs of green mint and mint leaves gloriously floating on top of freshly brewed coffee.

In this Dark Velvet Roast espresso in my cup, it brings out chocolaty notes. Mint and Coffee it is a thing and this is why I love travel.

Travel is one of those things that show you all those things you don't know or that you question to be possible, are actual working tangible things. Travel opens your eyes to your dreams that are actual someone else's reality.


With love from Freeport.

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