The Garden Club of Trinidad| A Home Garden in Santa Cruz


For those that dream of moving to Gran Couva, Santa Cruz, The St. Joseph Valley (whereever that lush green dreamy country side is for you) on a large plot of land, with extravagantly long and winding drives up to a home tucked neatly away in between all the greenery. This right here is the next best thing. Not just the photos captured of this beautiful potted garden, to inspire all your home-making dreams to a reality, but I hope a seed planted that would blossom from a dream into a plan. So you are sure that this is what you want? Well let's go. Read on. 


Firstly let's define what this is?:

A home. Somewhere of our own. Somewhere we share with the loves in our lives. Somewhere that may not be the ideal dream home but is home built, curated or secured as a result of us reaching out to create that ideal place we retreat to when the days end, that we reluctantly leave when the day comes and that we form a community around.

The place where not only the greenry is lush but the living spaces are more like cafes and less like our traditional living rooms. A place where we bring out our personalities. Where our homes and our beliefs merge. 

Were there is light, woods and greens. A place where you can build the likes of a Japanese garden if you want to.


Where the ferns are potted and placed on center tables, where bookshelves are packed haphazardly to the brim. Where the sexy pink heliconias hang. Where there are day beds and wicker chairs with cushions in prints we adore and select with conscious spirit.

A place where we merge the functional, the useful with all those things that bring us joy, that are simply aesthetically pleasing, regardless of how useless they are to others.


It's a place where dog people gravitate to. A place where children and pets, while not necessary, are allowed and encouraged. Where, on mornings that allow for it, we dine in the cool air, sitting outside for hours on end sipping morning drinks that merge into long, effortless brunches. Where we walk bare feet or in garden boots. There is no room for the in-between, while here. 

Peristrophe Hyssopifolia, White Cone Gingers  and wheel barrow in the garden

Peristrophe Hyssopifolia, White Cone Gingers  and wheel barrow in the garden

A place where the and wheel barrows and watering cans are stored within arms reach. Where the peristrophe hyssopifolia vine and bloom. Where the white cone gingers grow out of control. 


The garden and home pictured here belong to owners Phil and Rebecca. A quiet tempered garden loving couple, I'd had the pleasure to meet thanks to the Garden Club of Trinidad. As part of our monthly Garden Meetings we'd visit a hosting members home/ home garden and also listen in for a brief talk from the owners and a walk abotu tour. It is always a beautiful, sometimes adventurous experience. Now aboout container gardening, the main form of gardening employed in and around Phil and Rebeccas home.

here are clear benefits of container gardening. Now after listening to Phil speak about his garden I'd say that they are:

  1. Mobility. If you're like me and rearrange your house furniture on the regular you'd love this. There is no permanence with a properly potted plant. You can move it here and there are you wish. The most critical thing with this is making sure to position it where it is able to receive conditions favourable to its particular needs for flourishing and growth. 
  2. Control. In that you are responsible and can make up the soil and nutrient requirements required for each plant. However he does state that he pretty much uses one soil mix regardless.
  3. This leads to the next point. Versatility and Variety. You can grow plants that are not suitable to your environment by the ability to prepare soil and medium specific to each plant. You can also place plants with varying needs in close proximity with each other.
  4. Potted plants make the creation of indoor gardens possible. You can place a plant on the center table or the side tables, on the bed side tables, in corners on hooks on walls once they are potted suitable to be placed in these areas.

The draw backs according to Phil which I'd tend to agree to some level with is the time consuming task of watering. Daily. However it is important to note that even plants planted in the soil sometimes require watering even in the rainy seasons. So I am unsure if there is much merit to this point as a disadvantage. I think either way plants require our care attention regardless of where or how they are planted.

Crown of Thorns to the left!!

Crown of Thorns to the left!!


So that is. Where we want to be. Now let's evaluate where we are?:

Now to make that link to where we want to be and where we are. How do we do this... I am not quite sure but logically I'd say we can start by making concrete, structured steps.