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My December work partnering with Samsung Caribbean (Read about that here) birthed a desire to open myself up to doing similar paced fulfilling work and on other projects with like-minded people. 

I set out to do more and decided that I would do a collaboration, partnership type job once per month for 2018. How? At the time I had no clue.

At the time December was drawing to a swift close and I had no new collab opportunities lined up. I however had many personal wish-list projects I could have gotten started solo. Which I did. But this was not about that, it was to be in addition to solo work to stretch myself to doing work I cared to do but personality wise was hard to get into without it finding me. Close to the end of the month Tishanna called with her idea to shoot some personal work and Viintage Glam Meets Black Girl Magic was formed. We set a date, January 21st and that was a beautiful experience. Read about that here.

Moy followed through on an earlier promise (born on Instagram, where we initially connected and bonded) to help me with completing a home decor/ art project all gone wrong that I started last year. In January she carded our meeting for February, we met in the first weekend of the month and made art of a previously bland wall in my Studio. Read about that here.

I posted about all these of these projects on my Instagram stories and sometimes on my timeline and, sometime in February, it attracted Liselle C. to approach me about doing something together. Her idea was that she'd interview me the creative behind IntrovertlyBubbly with a focus on the integration of making visual imagery, with lifestyle, following curiosities, and mindfully pursuing personal interests.

We firmed up on March 21st for our meeting and this is about that special meeting. 

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She comes over just after lunch on Easter Saturday. We stay on the phone as she ventures west under the south bound highway, through the tunnel making her way over to my spot in Freeport. 

She comes with a list of thought-provoking questions I am thankful to be privy to before our meeting.

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Things like tell me who you are in three sentences or less. What? Where do I start with that one? Where did the name IntrovertlyBubbly come from and how did it develop? She questioned about my journey with IntrovertlyBubbly and how I developed my visual language. We spoke about travel and about how travel has influenced my world view and how do I relate to my Trinidadian identity now that I've seen, and bonded with other locations. She wanted me to describe my style. We discussed what it meant to invest in my physical environment and how do I infuse my identity into my personal space. Her questions were thought provoking, challenging and set me down memory lane.

I prepare roasted corn for us to snack on, just briefly mentioning: I hope you like corn. Wishing I thought to inquire about that before. While at the same time hoping she'd say yes.

I've got some sweet red wine, infused water, Twigs Naturals Lemon Grass Tea and a new Nova blend all in in case she's thirsty. I hope she doesn't want much more because something is to be said about the Freeport Pantry. It isn't the typical home pantry. See this space in Freeport has transitioned from Home to more of a studio. Where coffee, teas, waters, foraging in the orchard and yard, snacks and finger foods sustain our time here. A meal, a complete one is rare here on weekends. On week days however, cooking a routine. Garden greens, provisions and sometimes minced beef for lasagna are common staples but there isn't ever much variety. I do not have sugar. Never have milk. And I usually warn my first-time guests.

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We sit for the first three hours or so, she chatting with me, We get lost in the moment. Time flies unknown to us. 

She wanted to know about my design drivers... While looking at the space I think it maybe self explanatory, at the moment the philosophy of this Freeport space that I have curated and that I have affectionately called the Studio, a refurbished Store Room,  is that when you enter the space green life should guide your experience. I am constantly re-arranging and experimenting with the space, I love that freedom. I wanted to experience to be something living, something breathing and not something stagnated. Where one enjoyed the space as a whole as opposed to any one thing or another.

I aspired to create different moods when one can feel as if the space they occupy cocooned them where the mood created and their being are one in the same. I wanted a dark and moody space and I also wanted light and airy areas. I have tried to use the single partition wall to my advantage to create this.

Where in one space I have mimicked the palette of the forest's floor where soft moody light and its harsh counterpath find its way either reflected off of or highlighting the variety of textured and non-textured surfaces. The feature wall in the entrance room is anything but basic. It is sophisticated. It is soft, full of depth and texture. The worn teak dining table and chocolate brown couch, and wooden dressers are intended to serve a special purpose and tie the wood, white and light features and both main spaces together. Being here makes me question space.

Makes me think about what enough means in a home and in life. I have since referred to the space less of Home and more of a Studio. Home for me should be not only filled as this space is but with should also be filled with happy (even if at times) people and here is often not filled with people. So while I work on my version of home, while I wait, I studio.

We spoke about my first entrepreneurial adventure, since being part of Junior Achievers (JA) in secondary school, My Aquaponics and Local Artisan Greens. She wanted to know how did I get into it and how I fed that passion. 

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Just after briefly speaking about Entrepreneurship and what has my creative journey been as a Creative Entrepreneur we pause and grab our cameras before we lose the light, to make stills and shoot video footage together. We step over my latest personal project and creative work with dried roses. Liselle shoots macro vignettes of my space, she catches me while I play with Stush and we continue talking. I take the time to converse with her about her passion and direction in which she is designing her life and steering her career. Getting an idea of who she is and what makes her heart beat, is something I decided to do after learning of her interest to interview me in the Studio space.

Liselle aims to challenge the way you view space. She aims to challenge the way you evaluate your expectations. She wants to challenge people to stretch themselves and become more focused on evaluating that that is more meaningful to them. I interrupted for clarification "or pinpointing what is most meaningful to them?"

Yes, she confirms. 

She explains in developing any aspect of yourself including your space if you want to be an authentic person someone who has a thread of consistency that goes all the way through you really do have to take that time to ask yourself difficult questions and be okay with editing.

She continues thinking that our issues with editing goals and dreams, is possibly because of our past that we are afraid to lose things because it takes us back to poverty, but that sometimes losing things is exactly what we need to feel much richer. In loosing what you are left with is more likely what you love and I couldn't agree more. 

She is inspired to create this for people. It is her experience that people are motivated by restraints and constraints of different kinds, e.g. finances or possibilities. 


Some strategies we discuss that allow one to overcome these constraints when it comes to designing the lives or even spaces we desire are a reimagination, executing plans in stages and even waiting.

Liselle is not a wine person. She confessed as she declines my offer for wine. She accepted the infused water. I joined her and filled my glass after hers.

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I slip the pre-prepared corn into the now preheated oven. On the corn is EVOO, shadon beni (fresh from the yard. This grows easily and wild, once the wacker doesn't get to it first I enjoy going out to get some for cook ups. I love that about it), pepper flakes and don't forget salt, as needed. It sits enclosed in a foil wrap for 20 minutes in an oven at 400 Deg.

Her focus is on small spaces and the persons who appreciate them and seek to curate their life around that, curated living she calls it.

Presently her personal journey is to design her life so that the different aspects of her life aligns well and having the courage to drop those things that are not serving her larger picture. She laments on the part of her life that she spent not doing what she's naturally desired and getting to the place now where she is not only ready to venture out but preparing for this and showing this by her pointed action.

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My dear Liselle

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