Creative Confessions : A little secret and those baked pears


This one is all about the how, the secrets and all that photography has gifted me. Like  how photography has helped me keep a more uncluttered, organised space. How it helped me see the beauty where I lived. How it allows me remember fleeting moments. It has taught me the art of observation. It has taught me to be patient and the biggest lesson and secret is that photography taught me all the ways I was not living  my best life. 

It taught me that I was not seizing the moment, that I lost my voice. It taught me how passive my approach to life was and I wanted that to change. 

Photography lead me to create a healing environment at home. Making a space that I'd go to that healed the wounds of each day. How can this help you?

None of this was intentional or sort after through photography but in hindsight I am able to quantitify the benefit of my daily practice in my life.




This is the start of  a series called Creative Confessions, where I hope to be journal-ing more honestly and on Instagram more honestly about my creative endeavors, trials and all.

Find the recipe to the pears here. I used pecans this time. Still very good

With love from Freeport,



Photography has given me life. Given me perspective.