Why Weekends Matter | A recipe for a sweet treat and a coffee ritual you'd be glad to know about

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How do you like your coffee? I like my coffee like I like my wine. It's either I like the taste or I don't. There is either a cup of coffee I like or it's that I don't. It's that simple.

If we were having coffee, we'd be home. We would laugh at the memory of meeting out and visiting some cafe or the other for coffee dates but now we visit each other's homes. We love how we spoke each visit into existence and we'd conclude we really do prefer these homey occasions and how thankful we are to have them. We'd meet in comfy shorts, summer dresses and slippers. 


I'd slice the pears up. Cutting off the tip, cutting in halves and then taking out their cores. I'd slice off a little of the backs so they can sit nicely and I place them on a baking tray.

The walnuts are crushed with my hands as we talk. I'll set those aside. Then comes the sprinkle of cinnamon, I take some initiative and also use some mixed spices. The walnuts I use to fill the core of each halved pear. I grab the honey and drizzle with honey. I am unsure that the half teaspoon is enough honey, and I add some extra cause it felt good in my gut. We'd preheat the oven. Flick the kettle on, because we'd be making Americanos from our Moka Pot Espressos.

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Do you notice how earlier it gets bright these days? How fast the weeks, months and year is going. The bright light is filtered as it enters the kitchen. The Moka Pot in on the stove top. The pears in the oven.

Espresso | Moka Pot

Just moments before you'd have finished manually grinding the coffee beans into a perfect espresso blend. It's a labour of love. I watched over the last hour or so as you as you turn each time on the manual grinder, telling me that it takes time but it is so worth it.

I believe you 'cause I can totally relate. 

You filled up the water chamber, of the Moka Pot, with room temperature water. Telling me what and why you do what you do as you go along. I enjoy listening.

By now the coffee grounds are packed lightly in the middle chamber, the pot is assembled and placed on the fire. 

In just under 10 minutes the coffee is ready, we smell it as it fills up the entire room. We sit to enjoy our dessert over our cups until we loose the light.


We found the most perfect thing to do with our Weekend...meetings like these on weekends are why weekends matter, why Monday's are more bearable and what breathes life into our creative endevours.

The last time we got together was on old years day. This was long overdue. Is there somethings you do on weekends that make the start of your week more bearable? This, sharing meaningful time over food, is one thing I try to incorporate often.


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